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How To Choose A Dress For Your Body Shape?

Clothing can do wonders to your mood, level of confidence, and impact your day far more than you think. The problem is choosing the right type of clothing that would look best on you. It seems rather simple when you pick an item of clothing off a rack based on how it’s presented on a mannequin or presented online, but your body type can be different and wouldn’t complement you as it did the model. The latest clothing trends by Anthony will serve as your guide to pick outfits that suit you for work, fun, and play modes.

You will normally be accurate in guessing what looks good on you, maybe because you have received a few compliments and you replicate the style often. Or, it could be because you felt comfortable and at ease when you wore another type of outfit. But, real confidence starts with identifying your body type and dressing accordingly. In this guide, we will help you identify the common body types and the most flattering types of clothing for each. Whether you are purchasing Choir Dresses or any other kind of a dress, you should first pay attention towards the body type. Then you will be able to make sure that you are making the perfect choice with the dress you purchase.

The Hourglass Body:

This is usually when the type of body is curvy but you have a tiny waist line. You are most likely the envy of a lot of women who dream to have your body type; you need to make the most of these curves by accentuating them with the right clothing. Shop for clothing that highlights you trim waist line and draws away from your bust line and hips. For instance, shop for more straight-legged pants that can accentuate height. Kim Kardashian West has adopted her staple of crop tops and pencil skirts for this very reason. It’s very flattering for curvy women who have a slim waist line.

The Apple:

If you carry more weight around the mid-section of your body, you qualify as an apple. Your lower body is slim and therefore your emphasis should be to draw away from the mid-section to the lower areas and shoulders.

You can add flow types of tops and swing coats. For work, experiment with high-waist skirts, shift dresses, and low-waist straight cut pants.

The Banana:

If you’re not on the chubby side and your waist and hips are the same size, you are a Banana. Your goal would be to draw away from the uniformity by emphasizing on the thinnest part of your waist line. You would do well with ruffle tops, crop jackets with a banded hemline, cut-out dresses and tapered pants. Your favorite accessory would be miniskirts.

The Pear:

This is normally a case when your hips are the widest part of your body. Your focus would be to create an illusion of balance so that your body seems proportionate. Try off the shoulder dresses; A-line skirts will always fit you really well, you can invest in a few of these skirts in a few colors and balance them off with a few tops for work or casual wear. You can get away with bright embellished tops because you need to draw attention away to your upper body and this is clever tactic.

Inverted triangle:

This is not the most common body shape type that you can find among ladies out there in the world. But if you are having a body that looks like an inverted triangle, you need to know what dresses you can think about purchasing. For this kind of a body shape, you are encouraged to go ahead and purchase dresses that look pretty much similar to jackets. On the other hand, the bottom part of the dress should look like a voluminous skirt. Such a dress can deliver a perfect outlook to your overall body at the end of the day. Such a dress has got the ability to grab more attention towards your legs. In the meantime, this kind of a dress can slim down the appearance of your shoulders. That’s the same thing you expect to receive out of your dress as well.


Last but not least, you need to take a look at the dresses that ladies with rectangular shaped bodies will have to think about purchasing. Dresses that come along with ruffles on the bottom are ideal for your body shape. In addition, you can think about purchasing dresses that offer embellishment details or bows. When additional volume is created on just one half of your body, you will be able to portray to the world that you are a girl blessed with a lot of curves. Hence, you can be proud while wearing the dress. It is also possible for you to do it by adding waist belts on top of the dress. Or else, you can simply wear high heels along with the dress, so that you will be able to enhance your look and feel.

Depending on the shape of your body, you can now fill in your wardrobe with items of clothing that will never go out of style. Each piece will be a worthy investment and you will never feel out of place or style and display confidence with every step.

You are spending a lot of money to purchase a dress. If the dress you purchase doesn’t match with your preferences, there’s no point in your investment. That’s why you should be careful to go ahead and purchase the best dress available out there in the market, which matches with your body. It will not just assist you to look good on your wedding day or at any other event. You will also get the opportunity to portray the best of your appearance to the guests and get highlighted among the crowd.

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