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How to Choose Air Compressor for Your Home Use

A number of homeowners out there might feel at a loss when going to buy an air compressor for their home. Not because they do not have any clear idea regarding the things they need to look for, due to the wide range of variety in models, their specifications, and price. If you are one of those homeowners confused with, how to Choose Air Compressor for Your Home, we assure you- this post is absolutely for you. Here is how to get the best air compressor that meets the need of your sweet home. Let’s get started without delay!

Air Compressor Basics:

Before you walk into a nearby hardware store, you need to know the primary things associated with an air compressor. You need to know what is HP (Horsepower), CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute), and Standard CFM, etc. Here is a brief for you:

  • HP (Horsepower) indicates the capacity of any mechanical engine. Usually, air compressors come with HP ranging from 1.5 to 6.5 except specially designed industrial use only air compressor.
  • Like HP, CFM is also a major factor while choosing your air compressor. CFM is the measuring unit of volumetric airflow. You need to check the CFM along with HP.
Determine Your Requirements:

Now, the first thing you need to do is- calculate the things you need to do with the air compressor. If you require doing some heavy-duty works, naturally, you will need comparatively more pressure, right? If you choose the wrong one comparing to your requirement, it will surely decrease your working efficiency. Again, a larger one than your requirement will also keep you waiting until the tank fills up.

So, you need to determine your needs first before you proceed to choose an air compressor for your home. As you will be using the machine around the home, it is better to go for a tank-less portable one. You can check out the best quietest air compressor for more detailed information.

Piston Type vs. Portable Compressor:

Even if this is the first time you are going to buy an air compressor, you might know of the kinds of air compressor. Yes, they are of two types: -Piston type compressor, and Portable Compressor. The piston-type compressor is also available in two different varieties, Single-stage, and Two-stage compressors, according to their capacity.

A piston-type compressor, especially a two-stage one is mainly designed for heavy-duty industrial works while a single-stage compressor is quite enough for heavy-duty works at home. However, you can go for a portable air compressor if you intend to use for light applications. Portable air compressors are tank-less and provide air on demand. They are ideal for powering spray guns, glue guns, and caulk guns, etc.

Power Source and Portability:

Air compressors are available in both electricity powered and gasoline run engine. If you are living in an area without any sort of electricity scarcity, you can simply go for an electricity powered one. Electricity-powered air compressors are also less noisy comparing to gasoline powered air compressors.

Portability is another important aspect you need to consider even if you plan to keep your air compressor fixed at one place. You can go for a small and portable air compressor if you do not require much power.

Along with the considerations stated above, do not forget to compare price and check warranty. Price is always a major concern no matter whatever we purchase. So, do not forget to compare between products from renowned manufacturers in the industry to get the best quiet air compressor for the money. Remember, a penny is saved is a penny earned!