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Chocolate Labrador Gives Birth to a Green Puppy Named Fifi

Elaine Cooper was thrilled when her dog Milly went into labor. It was a calm labor until something shocking happened. Elaine and her husband were right beside their beloved pet when she gave birth to a green puppy! Imagine the shock! The couple couldn’t believe their eyes!

“We’d never heard of it before and couldn’t believe our eyes. We thought it was a black labrador at first when it was in the sack. Then when she licked the placenta off, the pup looked emerald green,” explains Elaine.

The couple named the adorable and unique pup Fifi, in honor of Fiona from “Shrek”. Vets explained that the green fur is caused by overexposure of a substance found in the placenta called biliverdin.

Fifi is the only female, among 4 brothers, and is the smallest of the pack.

Elaine explains that the color is slowly fading and will continue to do so as Fifi grows up. In a couple of weeks, Fifi will look the same as her little brothers Ghost, Bear, Rover and Gizmo.

Take a look at the adorable and unique Fifi!

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