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Chiroptractic Treatment for Children

It isn’t only adults with a bad back that can benefit from chiropractic treatment, and with the focus on prevention rather than cure, more than 100,000 children annually receive chiropractic care in Australia. From the moment of birth, a child’s body begins its growth pattern, and during this time, it is essential that the nervous system is in good shape. Bad posture, for example, can cause a child problems when they reach adulthood, and with regular visits to the nearest chiropractic clinic, the child’s spinal development will be closely monitored.

New Born Babies

In some cases, chiropractic treatment is necessary for a newborn child, as it is imperative to correct spinal imperfections before they become embedded, and therefore, much harder to address. The hospital that delivered the baby would likely refer the child to a chiropractic specialist, should the need arise, and with expert manipulation, spinal and nerve issues can be rectified. Every chiropractor would be trained to treat people of all ages, including newborns, and if your baby is showing any signs of distress, you should make an appointment. There are registered chiropractors in Black Rock and surrounding areas, and they can be located with an online search.

Low Force Techniques

The treatment for a child would be much gentler than that for an adult, and with skilled manipulation, posture and back issues can gradually be addressed. Chiropractors use low-force low amplitude techniques with children, and after an initial examination, the specialist would explain to the parent exactly what is required, and the treatment can begin.

Ongoing Treatment

As you would expect, there are no overnight successes with spinal and nerve system treatments, especially with children, and the specialist would take great care to treat the patient with the correct frequency. Once a suitable appointment schedule is formulated, regular monitoring will ensure success and once the treatment is completed, the child should have no more problems and can develop into a healthy adult.

Gentle Bones Require Gentle Treatment

One could not apply the same techniques with a young child as with an adult, as the child’s bones are still soft, and gentle persuasion is the key to successful treatment. It is a sad fact that many of the adults with back and neck problems could have avoided the experience with early intervention, yet this form of treatment was very much in its early stages, and for today’s generations, chiropractic treatment is sometimes advised for children.

Natural Development

Every child had his or her share of falls and tumbles, as their neverending energy propels them through life, and things like car seats, if used daily, can cause skeletal and nerve issues. Falling off a bike or landing awkwardly can cause a back issue and often, this is not recognised for a while, which can cause the child some discomfort. If you notice your child walking strangely or complaining of headaches or back pain, you should make an appointment with your local chiropractor, who can assess the situation and recommend suitable treatment.

Of course, chiropractic treatment is not exclusive to children, and if you are experiencing back or neck pain, an online search will put you in touch with a back specialist who can quickly discover the cause and recommend a course of action.