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Cherry – The Queen of Health

We’re thrilled that the cherries season has began! They’re refreshing, delicious and extra healthy. They’re so healthy that some people call the tasty cherry- the queen of health.

Here are the 5 health benefits you get from eating cherries:


1. Cherries contain vitamins that can prevent cancer

Cherries are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and carotenoids. These three compounds are called “the anti-cancer” team and they can help you prevent cancer.

2. They’ll help you fight insomnia

Cherries contain melatonin, a compound found in sleeping pills. Eating cherries is the natural way to fight insomnia and sleep better.

3. Cherries against cellulite and wrinkles

Cherries contain huge amounts of vitamin C and zinc that boost the metabolism; folic acid that keeps your heart healthy; calcium that keeps your bones strong and healthy. Cherries also contain compounds that will help you be cellulite and wrinkles free.

4. Weight loss

Cherries are low in calories, they’re fat free and contain lots of water. They’ll help you speed up your metabolism and lose that extra weight.

5. Natural painkillers

Don’t go for painkiller if you’re struggling with muscle pain. One cup of cherries will help you sooth your pain. Cherries also contain compounds that can relive stress. So anytime you feel stress, grab some cherries.

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