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Cheap Bangkok Attractions

Bangkok is one of the most happening cities in the world. It is also a major tourist attraction. The city caters to people of all tastes. The city also caters to people with all types of budgets. If you have money you can enjoy shopping at the grand shopping malls and if you have a small budget then you can shop at a farmers’ market. With money you can stay at a top hotel and if your budget is stretched then you can stay at a bed and breakfast. If you only have a limited budget, even then you can enjoy the city and given below are a few cheap Bangkok attractions:

Lumpini Park


You can visit Lumpini Park which has free entry and laze about in one of the best parks in the whole of Bangkok. The park consists of a running track, a cycling track, a basketball court and an open air area where you can do aerobics, tai chi or yoga. The park has a lot of greenery and you can just enjoy the oxygen in such a green area. Some months of the year, the park hosts concerts which are free for all viewers. Cheap and good food can be found around Lumpini Park in street food stalls. If you are a rowing enthusiast you can row in the lake.

Dusit Zoo


You can visit the Dusit Zoo which is near the Dusit Palace. The zoo has more than 1500 animals and it includes tigers, bears and giraffes. There are many shows that are held here and if you are travelling with children or if you love to watch animals then a visit to the zoo should be high on your itinerary. You can also do some boating in the lake or visit a World War II raid shelter.

Bang Krachao


Bang Krachao is an island that is man-made and is full of greenery. You can travel and explore the island by hiring a bike which is quite cheap. There are some restaurants here where you can enjoy good food.



Bangkok’s Chinatown is quite famous for its street food and Chinese stuff. The Chinese temples are also an added attraction. Yaowarat Road is known as Chinatown and there are many alleys that need to be explored. You need more than a day to completely explore Chinatown. Also visit Khao San Road when you visit Chinatown for cheap drinks and food. You can also buy from the many hawkers who hawk their goods here.

Wat Saket


This Buddhist temple sits on a hill and you need to climb more than 300 steps to reach it. You can enjoy the temple and its architecture as well as take in the sights and sounds of Bangkok from up there. A cheap and easy alternative to the many temples which are always full and the entry fees are exorbitant.

The above mentioned attractions are either free or rather cheap and will not put any pressure on your wallet.