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Do Celebrity Diets Actually Work?

Celebrities shape or influence our lives in more ways than we’d like to admit.

Whether your favorite celebrity is a movie, music, or sports superstar there is no doubt you’re likely to buy a product they endorse or read a book they recommend.

So, it’s not surprising that people, especially those looking to lose weight, are often keen to start eating what their lean or slim-looking celebrities are eating!

And with that, welcome to the world of celebrity diets!

But are these diets the real deal? Do they work as advertised? If you want to find out, we have an answer for you. Keep reading.

Let’s being by sampling a few diets that have been endorsed by celebrities, and then dig into the details.

Jessica Alba’s Clean Diet

Jessica Alba, actress and founder of the Honest Company, believes in clean eating so much that she has authored a book on it.

The followers of clean eating only eat clean foods. In other words, no processed foods at all.

All meals must be eaten in their natural state, and ingredients such as coconut oil and syrups are often used in their preparation.

Does clean eating work?

Well, on the surface, it looks like the perfect diet for a healthy lifestyle. After all, aren’t processed or packaged foods the bad guys?

The truth is even though the vast majority of processed foods are harmful to your health, some do contain healthy, essential nutrients.

If your clean diet is meat-free, for instance, you risk lowering protein levels in your system. Meat, especially steak, has the highest protein content.

Kim Kardashian’s Diet Pill

Kim Kardashian uses diet pills, at least according to some media reports.

Reportedly, her diet pill can help your body burn about 380 calories without a single step in the gym!

This one is pretty straightforward. Never take a diet pill without the recommendation of your physician.

There are people reporting positive results, but not without feeling shaky and nauseated.

Yes, your favorite celeb may be cutting a killer figure because she takes diet pills, and you may indeed lose some pounds, but the risk may not be worth it.

Beyonce’s Master Cleanse Diet

To ready herself for her role in Dreamgirls movie, Beyonce used the master cleanse diet, losing about 20 pounds in about 14 days.

As you can guess, the diet became an instant hit, because of her cult following.

But does it really work?

To begin with, the diet involves taking hot water, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and lemon juice for 10 straight days. Nothing else!

Even though detox diets are designed to last a few days, a drastic change to your eating habits can lead to conditions such as bloating and diarrhea.

Importantly, there is no scientific proof that detoxing beats the body’s natural systems for getting rid of toxins.

Closing Thoughts on Celebrity Diets

Celebrity diets aren’t created equal.

Some, like the clean diet and natural supplements, can help you lose weight in a healthy way, and others – like diet pills – can be dangerous.

Unless a celebrity diet is backed by science or there’s overwhelming support for it, don’t be too quick to jump on the bandwagon.