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Celeb Inspired African American Hairstyles

Over the past few years, African-American celebs have had a huge influence in the salon and hairstyles industry and, especially when it comes to rocking with weaves and lace front wigs. They have over and again demonstrated that one doesn’t actually have to be chic to be sleek and on fleek. From kinky and curly natural hairstyles to long and wavy lace wig styles, black women celebs continue to inspire and influence the hair fashion industry a great deal with hundreds of adorable hairstyles. Just for your knowledge and perhaps some ideas, below are some of the most adorable celeb-inspired African-American hairstyles you might want to have a look at and possibly try out one of these days.

  1. Kim Kardashian’s Sleek Ponytail

This is probably one of the most popular of all hairstyles. It is simple and can be rocked with any type of hair, provided it’s long enough to tie up at the back of the head. It works great for natural hair as well as weaves and wigs. Kim Kardashian, one of the most popular American female celebs in the TV and entertainment scenes, mostly popular for the TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, says that she usually has to wash her hair every three to five days and straightens her natural hair using a ceramic iron before doing sleek ponytail.

IG Profile: @Kimkardashian/@kbeautyhair

  1. Ciara’s Straight Bob Hairstyle

Ciara, one of the most popular African American songstresses, has been a huge inspiration in the hair fashion industry. The 31-year old, Austin, Texas-born RNB singer continues to thrill her fans with her ever-glamorous hairstyles on and off the stage. She slays with almost every hairstyle she puts on. One of her most adored is the bob hairstyle, in which her light, sleek hair complements her complexion. This look can also be recreated using quality lace wigs, including the Ciara-inspired lace front wigs, one of which was featured on Lace Frontier recently.

Profile name: @ciara


  1. Beyonce’s Smooth Poker-Straight Hairstyle

Beyonce is another quite influential songstress when it comes to celeb-inspired African American hairstyles. She actually made it in 2012 list of top 10 most popular black female celebrity hairstyles according to Huffington post [3]. She particularly looks brilliant with her elegant poker straight hairstyle, which you can comfortably recreate using a high-quality lace front wig. Beyonce, the former Destiny’s Child girl group member, has inspired and popularized quite a number of human hair extensions and synthetic hair products such as lace front wigs currently in the market.

Profile name: @beyonce


  1. Rihanna’s Long and Glamorous Ombre Curls

Considering her global fame in the music industry combined with her charming looks, Rihanna has been a huge inspiration when it comes to African American hairstyles. According to VNA’s post of 2016, Rihanna is one of the most beautiful black female celebs and actually, has a spot in the top 10 [4]. She particularly looks quite dazzling in her glamorous long ombre curls. The hairstyle brings out the best of her looks as it complements her oval face with the light ombre ends brightening up her complexion. This style works perfectly for long natural hair and can also be recreated with a high-quality lace front wig. Quite a number of hair extensions have actually been named after this successful songstress, thanks to her exquisite taste when it comes to hairstyles. Some of the lace wigs out there named after this charming Diva include the Rihanna black bob and Rihanna’s natural curly tendrils, just to mention a few.

Profile Name: @badgalriri / @rihanna.uk / @rihannadaily


  1. Tyra Banks’ Poker-Straight Hairstyle with Blunt Bangs:

Tyra is mostly known for her popular talk show the ANTM [5], The Tyra Banks Show. This former supermodel has been an inspiration to many African American women when it comes to BW hairstyles. The smoking’ hot former supermodel is pretty well known for being a fan of the lace front wig and wears often it’s almost said to be her trademark. Her poker-straight + blunt bangs hairstyle has been trending for quite some time now, and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon.  There are actually quite a number of lace front wigs named after Tyra Banks in the market, thanks to her hairstyle inspiration.

Profile name: @tyrabanks


The above are just a few of the many celeb-inspired African American hairstyles you would want to try out the next time you walk into a salon for some hair transformation.