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CBD Products: Are They Safe For Women?

CBD oil and other products that contain CBD composition are touted as a natural remedy for several health concerns for women. Claims range from CBD to confer calming effects, reduces anxiety, and a great aid against insomnia. It also has a miraculous impact on some chronic ailments and inflammation, improves bone density, maintains hormone balance during menopause, and cures acne.  It is also promoted as having remedial measures for PMS symptoms like mood swings and bloating. 

So how much trustworthy are the claims about organic CBD oil? Before we get into the details, first, let us understand what CBD is. 

What Is CBD?

CBD is a phyto ingredient found in the flowers and buds of cannabis plants (like marijuana and hemp). They come in various compositions and forms upon extraction, but often as CBD oil, balms, cream, powder, and pills. This can be inhaled, exhaled, and absorbed through the skin.

Unlike weeds, they are not intoxicating and won’t make you feel high. Most CBD oil sold in America is Hemp-based product and is considered safe. Legally CBD products with 0.3% or less THC are allowed.

When CBD oil became media hype? With stories of almost no seizures in children who were suffering from treatment-resistant epilepsy after CBD oil consumption.

If you wonder how CBD could be effective on the body, it is all about how it interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), as revealed in research.

Are CBD Benefits Proven?

Though it is expected that CBD has huge remedial benefits, yet more studies must be done to mark them completely safe.   

Research is yet at an infant stage, and as legal marijuana has so many restrictions, very few studies could be possible. But the reviews, which are eventually done, found CBD as a potential candidate for natural remedies to many concerns.

In 2018, FDA validated a CBD based drug that can treat childhood epilepsy. The medicine has proven to reduce seizures in randomly done clinical trials.

According to some scientific studies, CBD may reduce anxiety, but yet there are no confirmed claims.

Some studies on human cells found CBD has anti-inflammatory effects on the sebum glands in the skin. This implies that CBD products can treat acne and other inflammations, yet more research must be done. As CBD in skincare products doesn’t do any harm, it is allowed for use. They are well-studied and effective medications for acne and skin inflammation.

Though there are claims that CBD can improve sex drive, reduce pain, decreases PMS symptoms like cramps and bloating, or relieves menopause symptoms, no confirmed study yet. But it is expected to have this potential and more, as further investigations may prove them.

So, Is CBD Safe?

From whatever research has been done, CBD in pure form is safe for most people. But there is no study yet on CBD products if they are safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding and for immune-compromised people.

Does CBD Have Side-effects?

CBD has specific side effects like diarrhea, lesser appetite, and fatigue. It may also react with some medicines, so before you take CBD products, consult with a physician prior.


With many product claims in the market about CBD benefits for women and some steady throwing light, more research is needed to confirm the claims. Well-regulated CBD products with the right composition can be safe. It is advised that you have to purchase organic CBD oil, procure from reputed brands, and consult a doctor.   

It is always very conscious about your safety in every matter, and it is the same with the intake of CBD products.