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CBD For Pain Relief: Why Topical CBD Ointmentis Fast Becoming a Popular Choice

Chronic pain is a huge problem as people battle with autoimmune diseases, chronic conditions and old injuries that continue to cause pain. Many people need powerful painkillers just to make it through the day and over-the-counter medicines are normally not strong enough which is why they rely on prescription pain killers most of which are opioids. The problem with opioids is that they are subject to abuse because they produce a euphoric feeling similar to that produced by potent heroin.

There is a great risk of strong addiction when they take opioids for a long time.Also, people develop tolerance to the drugs and they need larger and larger doses in order to create the desired euphoric effect. This is why many people end up in the emergency rooms for overdose, and others die of overdose. Statistics at the American Society of Addiction Medicine say that about 17,000 Americans die every year from overdose of prescription meds and about two million are addicted to opioids. Doctors may stop prescribing the drugs when they realize that their patients are becoming dependent but the patients end up sourcing the painkillers from unscrupulous suppliers. Later some even turn to heroin which is easier to find than prescription painkillers.

What people need is an effective painkiller that is not addictive and free from adverse side effects and CBD has potential to become the painkiller of the future. In fact, people are turning to CBD for pain relief.

CBD is a Powerful Painkiller

Cannabis has been used as a pain killer for thousands of years. In modern times it was used by doctors until it was banned by law by various national laws in the mid twentieth century due to abuse and also to remove competition for pharmaceutical drugs. Research continued in the 20th century and cannabis has been found to be useful for many medicinal purposes including pain relief. Researchers managed to isolate CBD, the second prevalent cannabinoid that they found to be non-addictive and to have no psychoactive effects while having many medicinal benefits. Now CBD has gained popularity as a pain killer that is very effective with either no side effects for some and mild to moderate side effects for others. People are using it for the relief of pain associated with conditions such as cancer pain, fibromyalgia, polymyalgia rheumatica, headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, migraines, low back pain, osteoarthritis, neuropathic pain, chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE)temporomandibular disorder and multiple sclerosis.

Research into CBD for Pain

Research into CBD for pain is ongoing. To date, most of the research is animal based since most laws in the West prohibited clinical trials for cannabis. There have been few clinical trials in other countries. Scientists have found that CBD has low bioavailability when taken orally and they have found that topical applications on localized areas of pain are more effective and do not involve too many systems.


Retired footballers, most of whom suffer from chronic traumatic encephalopathy, are moving away from over-the-counter drugs and opioids that are damaging their lives, leading to overdose and even death. They are now choosing CBD to ease inflammation and pain, because it is not psychoactive, yet it is effective and safe. CBD is also neuroprotective so it helps some brain cells to recover. Studies into the benefits of CBD are still in their infancy but, so far, the results are promising.

CBD for MS

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic disease that involves inflammation and damages the central nervous system, affecting vision, balance, muscle control and other body problems. For some people it causes severe pain and affects the quality of life. Many MS patients have found relief from the use of CBD and believe it is a comprehensive solution that works by easing pain, reducing inflammation, and reducing muscle spasms.

CBD Relieves Chronic Pain

CBD is very effective for chronic pain. For example, arthritis sufferers are finding relief from the topical application of CBD. Research is also taking place on the effectiveness of CBD for arthritis. An animal-based study published in the European Journal of Pain found that topically applied CBD caused a significant reduction in pain and inflammation. (1).

CBD Eases Cancer Pain

Cancer causes pain as it puts pressure on organs or damage nerves and cause inflammation. Cancer treatment also causes pain. Eventually the pain becomes too severe and may resist opioids, the most powerful painkillers. Fortunately, CBD is providing pain relief for cancer patients and in some cases it kills cancer cells.

KushlyTopical CBD Ointment

The image below shows what a menthol CBD topical ointment looks like, already available in many American stores.

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One of the most popular CBD products on the market is Kushly Topical CBD Ointment. It is made from high quality organic CBD.Kushly.com is often recommended by Doctors who prefer non-addictive pain medication since the company offers non-GMO certified conforming to strict quality assurance standards. According their COO, Sam Conley, the company “…exceeds FSMA, standards, with CBD ingredients from fully audited, FDA and US Hemp Authority certified farms…”

Because the CBD topical cream is locally applied to the troubled area, such as aching joints and superficial muscle tissue, it is immediately absorbed and takes effect fast. Pain and inflammation go away fast without any harmful side effects. One can use this product for numerous painful conditions for fast relief of pain. It is always recommended to check with your Doctor before changing the treatment used.