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Causes and Remedies for Facial Hair in Women

Facial hair is a common problem among women and its mostly because of hirsutism. Hirsutism is a condition which causes the growth of unwanted hair on the body. The nature of the condition is similar to males. However, several reasons influence the growth of unwanted hair on the face. Here are the few reasons why you have excess facial hair and how to get rid of them soon.

Imbalance of Hormones

Certain health conditions will cause an imbalance in your hormones and lead to excess growth in male hormones which further leads to the condition hirsutism. PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a common cause for it.

Undergoing Medications

The medications you are undergoing through also contributes to the growth of hirsutism in the body. There are certain medications which are proven to cause excess hair like Cyclosporine, Minoxidil, Testosterones and steroids.

Genetic Disorders

Genetics also play a vital role in facial hair among women. Women from Native America, East Asia, and Europe tend to have to less unwanted hair compared to mediterranean countries and Indian sub-continent.

If your family members have facial hair, then chances are more for you to get it. There is no way out too other than preventing the unwanted hair growth.

Effect of Androgens

Androgens might be a male hormone, but women also have a level of androgens. When a woman has excess unwanted hair, it represents the level of androgens present in the body. You can prevent the growth of facial hair by preventing the growth of androgens in your body. Women will have a normal growth if the androgen level in the body is moderate.

Overweight or Obese

Overweight means the production of fat is more in your body. Obese is a condition which is major because of hormonal imbalance in the body. Due to the imbalance of hormones, it increases the growth of unwanted hair.

How to get rid of facial hair?

You can follow certain tips and remedies to get rid of facial hair. Check out our guide for best facial hair for women for the best solutions. Here are certain ways for getting rid of facial hair.


Waxing is a great solution especially if you want to do for big areas. You can do it directly at home. There are both hot and cold waxes available in the market. However, using hot wax, it is easy to remove the hair because it opens up the pores. But the wax shouldn’t be too hot because it could cause burns.


Creams is an easiest and painless way for removing large areas of unwanted hair. Also, the result is smoother. However, you will have to repeat it on a regular basis. Also, it won’t create the stubble like shaving. But it is only avoided because it contains chemicals.

Laser Hair Reduction

In laser hair reduction, light is used for preventing the growth of hair follicles. In order to have a laser hair treatment for facial hair, you will need a professional treatment and it best works for light skin women with dark hair.


Electrolysis destroys the growth of hair because of heat. However, it can cause certain scars.

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