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Cats, Dogs and Their “Biggest Enemy”- The Christmas Tree

We all get excited and happy during Christmas. Our pets also enjoy the winter holidays but it seems that aren’t as happy.

Pets can get a bit jealous when you neglect them while decorating your Christmas tree and preparing your home for Christmas. They’ll do anything to get attention, even if that means destroying everything you’ve prepared.

Pets biggest enemy is the Christmas tree and they always try to get it back!

Take a look at these hilarious photos showing the cats and dogs ruining Christmas! These photos will definitely put a smile on your face!

‘Just wait until they see my surprise.’

Cats-Dogs-and-Their-Biggest-Enemy-The Christmas-Tree-1

‘And what? I won’t apologize for this.’

Cats-Dogs-and-Their-Biggest-Enemy-The Christmas-Tree-2

‘This new game is really fun!’

Cats-Dogs-and-Their-Biggest-Enemy-The Christmas-Tree-3

‘Christmas will be mine!’

Cats-Dogs-and-Their-Biggest-Enemy-The Christmas-Tree-4

‘I know this looks bad, but it was the cat.’

Cats-Dogs-and-Their-Biggest-Enemy-The Christmas-Tree-5

‘I just thought I’d help you open the cards.’

Cats-Dogs-and-Their-Biggest-Enemy-The Christmas-Tree-6

‘I’ll accept the punishment.’

Cats-Dogs-and-Their-Biggest-Enemy-The Christmas-Tree-7

‘Oh hi, you’re home early…’

Cats-Dogs-and-Their-Biggest-Enemy-The Christmas-Tree-8

‘Don’t ask. But yes, I could use some help.’

Cats-Dogs-and-Their-Biggest-Enemy-The Christmas-Tree-9