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Cats Adopted a 3-Legged Puppy to Save Him from His Mom That Tried to Eat Him

When Nicolas was only one week old, he was the smallest of his 8 pit bull siblings. For unknown reason, his mom ate 3 of his siblings and was trying to eat Nicolas too.


Nicolas new owner managed to get him right when his mom chewed off his paw. Nicolas was super tiny and he needed extra care since he suffered such an injury. Nicolas new owner brought him back to life with a little help of her cats.


“My cats adopted him as their own. I fed him every 3 hours and changed his bandage everyday. The kittens really looked after him as well. He always ended up cuddling with them. Gladly, with constant care from me, my cats and my other 5 dogs he turned into a lovely dog!,” says Nicolas owner.



Cats-Adopted-a-3-Legged-Puppy-to-Save-Him-from-His-Mom-That-Tried-to-Eat-Him-3 Cats-Adopted-a-3-Legged-Puppy-to-Save-Him-from-His-Mom-That-Tried-to-Eat-Him-6 Cats-Adopted-a-3-Legged-Puppy-to-Save-Him-from-His-Mom-That-Tried-to-Eat-Him-7 Cats-Adopted-a-3-Legged-Puppy-to-Save-Him-from-His-Mom-That-Tried-to-Eat-Him-8 Cats-Adopted-a-3-Legged-Puppy-to-Save-Him-from-His-Mom-That-Tried-to-Eat-Him-9 Cats-Adopted-a-3-Legged-Puppy-to-Save-Him-from-His-Mom-That-Tried-to-Eat-Him-10 Cats-Adopted-a-3-Legged-Puppy-to-Save-Him-from-His-Mom-That-Tried-to-Eat-Him-11 Cats-Adopted-a-3-Legged-Puppy-to-Save-Him-from-His-Mom-That-Tried-to-Eat-Him-12