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Cat With Unique Facial Features That Makes Him Constantly Look Sad

Is there anything better than cats? Yes, there is-cats with funny facial expressions. There are so many cats that became famous thanks to their unique facial expression like the giant fluff Meow and probably the most famous cat in the world, the Grumpy cat. People just love cats with unique features!

We’re giving you the newest feline sensation and he’s coming from China. What’s unique about this furry ball is that he constantly looks upset. His name is Moggie and he’s probably the saddest cat you’ve ever seen. A woman known as Simpson Xin shared the photo of Moggie and he quickly got more than 2 million views. Unfortunately, the woman wasn’t able to give Moggie a home since she already has cats, so poor Moggie is a stray.

After posting photos of Moggie, he instantly became a star and people loved his unique appearance.

Molly De Voss, a certified feline training and behavior specialist explains that these human-like facial features are pretty rare and these cats usually get quickly adopted because people really want to own the next feline internet sensation!

What do you think about Moggie? Can he reach the stardom of the Grumpy cat?