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Cat With 2 Legs Hops Her Way Into a Loving And Happy Home

This adorable kitten was brought to an animal clinic in Florida after it was found with terrible injuries. Her two front legs were mangled and in order to save her life, she had to get both legs amputated.

The kitten went through the surgery like a champ! Once the kitten was well enough, she went into foster care so she could recuperate better and learn how to function with only two legs. She even got a unique name: Duck!

“I took her in (as a foster) and she acclimated to her new life quickly. It didn’t take her long at all to adapt and start walking all around the house on her own,” explains Duck’s human.

Before the family knew it, Dick has hopped her way into their hearts and became a loving member of the family.

Surrounded by love and care, Duck soon learned to use her hind legs to get around. She would stand on her hind paws and balance with her tail. Once she feels stable enough, she’ll roam the room with incredible speed.

Duck doesn’t let anything slow her down! She’s always happy and enjoys exploring her home.

“She is the happiest little kitten alive. Got her some wheels and a custom fit harness, but she was not a fan. She loves running around free,” wrote Duck’s human on Instagram.

Duck now shared her home with 3 canine siblings, a feline sister and 6 hens. They all love to hand out in the yard and enjoy the sun. Although the dogs are much bigger than her, she surely makes up for it in personality and energy. She just loves following the around and learning new tricks.

To see more photos and videos of this incredible kitten, check her Instagram: Duck and her adventures!