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Carol Collins Helps Readers Expand Their Psychic Abilities in Upcoming Book Mind Body Connection

Gifted medium Carol Collins’ channeling abilities have led her to complete an eleven-book collection, starting with Ocularity of the Mind which was published recently in October 2022.

Carol Collins, known as the Pittsburgh Medium, unexpectedly became a channel for spirits when it spontaneously manifested to her after a journey of nine months of quiet meditation. Through this process, Collins was able to connect with her spirit guides, The Jeshua Collective (Jeshua), explaining that they wrote, taught, and healed through her in ways that were “undeniable.” The teachings from Jeshua are what led Collins to expand and share her gift with others.

As a channeler, Collins holds classes and workshops for those interested in expanding their presumed gift, as well as offers clients private readings, chakra attunements, and source healings. While many people may be skeptical of the practice, Collins’work has proven to transform clients seeking healing, clarity, and growth in all aspects of their lives.

Clients understand the unique transformation Collins and The Jeshua can bring to their lives, one stating that the “Jeshua is undeniably speaking through Carol. She (they) knew things about my life that are not on social media or available publicly. I am able to heal myself from my past and their guidance is undoubtedly the reason why.”

She is celebrated in the industry and has been recognized by various media outlets, like LAWeekly, who named her one of the top women to watch.

The success she has had as a channeler has led her to release her series of books which were completed in less than a year thanks to The Jeshua. The first book, Ocularity of the Mind was completed from 18 hours of voice recording and helps one connect with their guide and increase their intuitive abilities.

Her second book Mind Body Connection, is one of the Mind Body Series that will be released this month, The book took 11 hours of video recording and will invoke readers to follow their journey to healing, aligning their minds and body.  Mind Body Connection will focus on pillar 3 of The Essential Material, a pillar that focuses on “clearing unconscious beliefs that stop or delay your ability to connect with your Guide team and manifest a life of abundance” through self-healing.

Collins explains that the book will bring readers closer to their spirit guides by increasing their ability to think and see more clearly. The book will give them the confidence needed to further their path as they embark on their psychic discovery.

Collins’ first book has already made it to the number one spot for New Releases and number six overall for the Best Seller’s list. She hopes to continue to expand her gift with her upcoming books, providing a positive, life-changing experience for those in need.

She says “allowing Jeshua to borrow my voice is absolutely my favorite thing to do, and I look forward to channeling for you.”