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Reviewing Canada Hair Extensions Human Hair Clip Ins

Today’s review is based on Clip-in Hair Extensions that I purchased online from Canada Hair. It’s a pretty well-known brand in Canada that offers high-quality hair extensions. Owing to its popularity and positive reviews, Canada Hair has become a pretty popular online brand. I got to know about Canada Hair through one of my friends and after hearing about it, I decided to give Canada Hair a try myself. After all, there’s never any harm in experimenting with new hair extensions, especially for someone like me who has a passion for hair extensions! Keep reading to find out details of my experience with Canada Hair’s Clip-in Hair Extensions!

Canada Hair: My Order

Upon opening their website, I found out that their hair extensions were available in two different volumes: standard and thick. I chose the thick ones so that I could compare its thickness to those of other brands and see if their “thick” hair extensions really are thick. There were many different lengths available, out of which I chose those that were 18 inches long.

I paid about 200 Canadian Dollars for thick 18-inch long hair extensions and then waited for my order to arrive. I was very excited because this was my first purchase from Canada Hair.

To my surprise, the order was actually delivered quicker than I expected. Usually, I have to wait and message the companies providing extensions a few times before I actually receive my order. However, it was a relief to find out that my order arrived quickly because now I know where to go whenever I need to order hair extensions urgently. Therefore, if you have any clients that need specific hair extensions in a few days, then you know where to go!

Quality of the Hair Extensions

This is the biggest risk when purchasing hair extensions because you never know what the product you receive will turn out to be. You can read all the reviews there are on the internet and see all the pictures of the hair extensions but until and unless you feel the extensions in your own hands, you cannot judge their quality, no matter how much of an experienced professional you are. The entire look of hair extensions depends upon their quality and it is the one thing about hair extensions that cannot be compromised on. Unfortunately, it is also the one thing that you cannot tell about the hair extensions just by looking at their photos. Many brands actually take advantage of this fact and show pretty hair extensions. However, only upon delivery do the customers realize that they’ve been fooled.

Now, coming back to Canada Hair, I was very excited when I found out that my hair extensions had arrived. I opened the packet with joy and fortunately, the joy didn’t end there. The hair extensions were of great quality! I wasn’t expecting them to be of such a great quality keeping in mind their price because generally, you cannot get thick hair extensions for this length, color, weight, and quality in such a low price! I have to say, I was pretty impressed and impressing me isn’t easy because I’ve seen the products of almost all the hair extension brands out there!

Now, let’s discuss each feature regarding the clip-in hair extensions separately.

The Clips

Often, I’ve received clip-in hair extensions with clips that were too large and bulky, as a result of which they wouldn’t comfortably blend in with the rest of the hair. Furthermore, in my years of experience, clips would usually slip away because they were too heavy and large. However, the clips that were on these hair extensions were of very high quality and didn’t slip away. This is a very important point you need to notice when buying clip-in hair extensions because even if the hair quality of the extensions is great but the clips are too large, they’ll keep slipping away and this causes a lot of problems. Fortunately, I had to face no such problems with Canada Hair. Their clips were of the perfect size and quality. They were well-sewn in the hair wefts and I could tell that their bond was strong enough to withstand pressure. I wasn’t afraid of the clips getting detached from the hair wefts.

Another positive point about the clips was that they opened easily. Usually, it takes a lot of effort to get the clips to open and this gets tiring because you have to put in a lot of force and energy. However, the clips of these Clip-in hair extensions by Canada Hair popped open with very slight pressure, hence, they were very easy to install.

I’ve had these clips on my hair for a few days now and they haven’t slipped yet, which is great considering the fact that I didn’t even spray any fixative on them like I usually do with other brands. This means that whenever I use Canada Hair extensions, I will also save money that would otherwise be spent on fixative sprays.

Therefore, coming to a conclusion, the clips of the clip-in hair extensions were of high quality and held firmly in my hair!

Hair quality

I’ve had pretty bad experiences with brands boasting to have used real human hair in their extensions only to find out that it was a lie. The best way to check the authenticity of the hair extensions is to apply heat to them. Extensions made out of real human hair will not melt when you apply a hot iron straightener on them. However, a few brands add a silicon coating to real human hair so that the hair extensions look shiny and pretty. These extensions may melt slightly, even if the hair used is real human hair. The point to note here is that such extensions will only slightly melt, not completely. On the other hand, if you’re dealing with fully synthetic human hair or a mixture of synthetic hair and human hair, the hair extensions will melt very quickly and may even ruin your hot iron straightener. Therefore, it’s very important that the hair extensions you purchase are made of human hair so that you can easily style them according to your preferences. After all, what’s the point of purchasing hair extensions if they melt away when you try to style them? The whole point of installing hair extensions to hair is to increase the volume and length of the hair so that they can be easily styled into whatever hairstyle you like.

Once again, Canada Hair lived up to my expectations in this regard. I used a hair straightener on the hair extensions and nothing happened! The hair didn’t melt away like plastic! Instead, the hair gave a pretty shiny look after heat was applied to them. I had set my iron’s temperature setting to the maximum but still, there was no sign of melting!

This is how I know that the hair extensions offered by Canada Hair are made of high-quality and genuine human hair.

Another difference between synthetic hair and real human hair is that real human hair extensions will not have split ends! Split ends can be pretty annoying and can ruin the entire look of your extensions. They can transform a lively and pretty hairstyle into a dull and disorganized one. Therefore, the fact that Canada Hair extensions do not have split ends is another evidence of the fact that they use genuine human hair.

Moreover, I really like the top to bottom volume ratio of the hair extensions. Usually, the ratio is so distorted that the hair looks unnatural. However, with Canada Hair, the top to bottom volume ratio was great, which gave a very natural look to the hair extensions. You wouldn’t be able to tell that I had hair extensions installed!

Tangling of the hair extensions

A pretty common problem with hair extensions is that they tangle very easily and then it becomes hard to fix the tangles. Moreover, fixing the tangles actually damages the hair, making the hair extensions look dull, dry and disorganized.

However, with Canada Hair, I was pretty surprised to find out that the hair extensions don’t get tangled as much! Of course, there were a few tangles here and there, but it was nothing that couldn’t be controlled. The tangles that did build up were very easy to get rid of. This came as a huge relief to me because I had been in the habit of dealing with deadly tangles, and the detangling process would become so time-consuming and tiring!

Value of money

Whenever you’re purchasing any product or service, the value of money has a great influence on the decision you make. Obviously, why would you buy a product that is overpriced and overrated?

Well, coming to Canada Hair, I believe that the value of money was excellent and I would give it a ten out of ten. Like I said earlier, it’s pretty rare to find such high-quality extensions of this specific color, length, and thickness in such a low price. I paid about 200 Canadian Dollars for my purchase, which is very less considering the quality of the hair extensions.

Tips on How to Take Care of Hair Extensions

The success of hair extensions depends not only on the quality of hair extensions themselves but also on how well you take care of them. There are various precautions that you need to apply on your side to make sure that your hair extensions last. A few of these precautions are discussed below.

  • Brush your hair extensions twice a day. Remember, you need to catch tangles in their initial stages so that they don’t grow into big tangles that can damage your hair. To do so, you need to brush your hair at least twice every day. If twice is too much for you, then you need to at least brush them once. If you fail to do so, your extensions will get damaged easily and won’t look good or last that long.
  • Whenever you brush your extensions, start from the bottom so that if there are any tangles, they get removed instead of merging with more tangles! After the bottom part, work your will till the top of the extensions.
  • Wash your hair extensions every two weeks. This is very important so that the hair extensions appear fresh and lively at all times. Washing them removes any accumulated products from the hair extensions like dust and hairspray. I also wash my hair extensions after every two weeks.
  • Let your hair extensions air-dry instead of blow-drying them. This is because blow-drying them will eventually damage them, which means they won’t last as long.

Final Verdict

All-in-all, I believe that the hair extensions that I purchased from Canada Hair are of very high quality in every aspect. Furthermore, they have a great value of money.

Now, let’s see how long these clip-in hair extensions from Canada Hair last. Of course, this also depends on how often you wear them. The more you wear them, the shorter they’ll last. I wear them about two or three times a week.

So far, I’m pretty satisfied with my purchase! I’ll give an update in about a few weeks to let you guys know how my experience with the hair extensions was and how long they lasted! See you guys then!