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Can You Turn On a Gene to Lose Weight? 

Most people believe that they are stuck with the genes they were born with. For instance, if you were born with blue eyes, then you inherited the blue-eyed gene. If you have brown eyes, then you got the brown-eyed gene. But not all genes work that way.

It is true that you are stuck with the genes you were born with, but you were born with a lot more genes than the ones you are currently using! If you were unlucky enough to have been born with a gene that predisposes you to breast cancer, there is not one doctor in the world who will tell you that you are definitely going to get breast cancer. Just because you have a gene, doesn’t mean that gene is going to be expressed.

There is a phenomenon called genetic expression, which means you can turn a gene on or turn a gene off. Your best bet is to do everything in your power to turn off the dreaded breast cancer gene.

Weight loss expert, Summer Peterson, teaches that you can turn on your “skinny genes” to lose weight. Summer successfully turns on her client’s skinny genes simply by changing their food choices. Her clients have lost up to 75 pounds.

Food Choices

Summer points out that if you have ever been to a lion exhibit at the zoo during feeding time, you will see that they feed the lions the same kind of food that the lions would hunt for as if they were roaming the African tundra. They do not feed dog food to the lions. Humans are not eating anything close to what was formerly eaten in our “natural habitat”.

The standard American diet is the equivalent of taking a lion, putting it in a cage fit for a kitten, and offering it dog food. Your body is not meant to survive on cereal bars, crackers, non-fat vanilla lattes, sodas and frozen dinners. These processed foods are like dog food for your body. Summer’s message is that you are a sexy beast, not a dog, so it is time to start eating like a sexy beast! What does a sexy beast eat? A sexy beast eats a SEXY diet, of course.

The SEXY Diet 

Summer’s powerful 4-part weight loss system is called the SEXY Diet, which is also title of her latest book set to premiere on September 1st, 2018. SEXY is a fun acronym that Summer uses so that people can easily remember her proven weight loss system, that will speed up your metabolism and turn on your skinny genes.

Following the SEXY diet, you will gain freedom from sugar and carb addictions. You will move through guilt and shame into a pleasurable relationship with food while catapulting your self-esteem to heights you have never imagined. Ditch yo-yo dieting forever and successfully achieve your ideal body weight with the proven weight loss system known as the SEXY Diet.

Wine Country Weight Loss with Summer Peterson

Summer was born and raised in the heart of the famed Northern California Wine Country, which influenced her motto of weight loss without deprivation. “Wine Country Weight Loss with Summer Peterson” is a TV show that Summer created to teach people how to speed up their metabolism and turn on their skinny genes, without deprivation.

The TV show details how you can balance a lifestyle of enjoying decadent food while still burning off unwanted fat. Summer teaches you how to turn on your skinny genes while still being able to enjoy many of the things you love. Season one, which premieres September 1st, 2018, features interviews with doctors, fitness instructors, a Navy Seal and winery owner, all of whom live the Wine Country lifestyle of eating delicious food and drinking moderate amounts of wine while maintaining a healthy body weight.

Online Support Offered by Summer Peterson 

Attempting to lose weight can feel like trying to carry a couch up a flight of stairs by yourself. It is nearly impossible to carry a bulky, heavy, rectangular object up a flight of stairs all alone. You need a strong partner to stand at the other end of the couch, to carry half of the burden. This is where Summer comes in. Summer Peterson founded BodySoulShine, which offers several online courses that give you everything you need to speed up your metabolism, turn on your skinny genes, and achieve your ideal body weight.

Summer walks with you, step by step, carrying half of your emotional load while championing you along the way, until you reach the top. She is an expert at navigating your way to a faster metabolism and illuminates your blind spots so that you will stay on track and finally achieve the body of your dreams. Through Summer’s online programs, you are guaranteed to lose 1-2 pounds a week. Her clients have lost up to 75 pounds following her proven weight loss system.