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Can Synthetic Urine be Used to Pass a Drug Test?

So, what is synthetic urine, it may be something that you have heard of in the passing but what is it, where do we buy it and what do we buy it for?

Synthetic urine is essentially a product which has been manufactured to imitate or copy natural urine produced by the body. It contains the same component parts as urine, water, uric acid, creatinine and so on and has a similar PH value. The density of the liquid is also consistent with naturally occurring urine. Synthetic urine, purchased from a reputable source, when analysed looks very much like the real item and cannot be chemically separated.

Synthetic urine is purchased for a variety of reasons and it has been known for people to purchase a synthetic urine in order to pass a drug test as synthetic urine is toxin free.

It is common to be asked to produce a urine sample for a variety of reasons. You may be ill and the physician decides that it would be a good idea to test your urine for traces of bacteria or inflammation, you may be a sporting person and have to be drug tested in order to compete in the race, you may have been arrested and the police wish to test you for drug use or you may be embarking on a new job and your employer has requested a test. A urine test will test for even trace amounts of the substance requested and if you have taken a drug for example, the break down products from the drug can remain in your urine for a period of days, long after you have stopped feeling the effects of the substance. Some people decide to get around this by producing their sample of urine using a synthetic urine so that their own urine is not analysed.

Urine testing is common because it is a cheap way of obtaining a profile of substances within the body. For some people, failing a drug test can have some serious consequences, they can be banned from driving, they may not be able to see their family or they may not be accepted for a job. 

Synthetic Urine Quick Fix can be purchased for other purposes too, body dispensers can be purchased and the urine dispensed from them and used as a prank for friends who share the same sense of humour!

It should be noted that for synthetic urine to be classed alongside natural urine, temperature is important and it will be necessary to follow instructions if you want to achieve that status. As with any product, it is essential that you buy an authentic product from a trusted manufacturer. Synthetic urine has a sell by date and it is important for you to be able to check that as if it is out of date, the product cannot be guaranteed to display the same qualities as natural urine. Synthetic urine products can be purchased online