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Can I Feed Prunes to My Dogs?

Dogs have been, and still are a man’s best friend. These creatures are forever loyal to their owners, providing both security and companionship. It is important, as a dog owner, that you be very careful about what you feed your dog to keep it healthy. Being household animals, dogs tend to eat most of what human beings eat. However, being canines, they need a diet that is suited to their nature. Yes, they can eat fruits such as prunes, but only in moderation. Here is a blog post on can dogs eat prunes from which, you pick some insightful pointers on whether or not to feed your dog with prunes. Let’s now do an overview of the same.

1. Are Prunes Safe for Dogs?

Prunes are good for humans as they contain fiber that assists with constipation. The fiber helps in the bowel movement of human beings. Dogs also suffer from constipation, but that does not mean that prunes will have the same positive effect on the dogs. If you feed a lot of these fruits to your canine friend, the excess fiber causes diarrhea, which is very unpleasant. You should have a vet decide how much of these fruits you can feed your dog with to remedy this problem.

Another danger in prunes is the pit or the hard seed that you find at the center of the fruit. Unlike you, your dog is not able to separate the flesh and the seed. He will probably swallow the entire fruit. This seed contains cyanide that is toxic to dogs. When feeding prunes to your dog, ensure that you remove this pit and leave only the fleshy part. 

2. How About Prune Juice?

Some of you may consider diluting the fruit to have your dog drink the prune juice. Again, this is not a very wise idea. You should never do this at all. Even though the juice may be free of fiber, it contains excess sugar that is not safe for your dog’s health. 

3. When Can You Give a Dog Prunes?

Well, the answer to this is all the time, but in moderation. Dogs love eating what their masters eat. You can have a good time sharing some fruits with your furry friend. Such activities strengthen your social ties with the animal. While in it, limit the number of prunes, or any other fruit for that matter that you give your dog. Feeding it in moderation can help alleviate chronic constipation, but don’t rely on the fruits. It is always good to have your dog checked by a vet instead. 

4. What’s Our Take on Prunes?

Prunes have nutrients like iron that is good for preventing anemia, in addition to other benefits. You need, however, to seek your vet’s advice on whether or not to feed your dogs with prunes. While at it, observe your dog’s reaction. Different dogs will react in different ways to these fruits. So, watch out for yours to know when and in what quantities to give it these sweet fruits.