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Can Cannabis Can Make You A Better Parent?

It’s very likely that the title of this post made you do a double-take. Historically, cannabis and parenting have not gone hand in hand. In fact, until recently, if you were a parent who enjoyed a toke in your family’s home, you’d have been viewed as a pariah, a deadbeat parent. While smoking weed in your actual house is going a bit far, the advent of medical marijuana and the general legalization of cannabis in certain regions has caused society to reassess the negative associationsof enjoying cannabis. The general consensus is that cannabis is an amazing tool for stress reduction, improved sleep and improving your general outlook. Adults enjoying cannabis responsibly once the kids have gone to bed definitely feels good, and surprisingly, we think, it can also make you a better parent.

The acceptance of cannabis in socially moderate circles has led toa revolution not only in health-care but also in offering a healthy, sophisticated way for responsible grownups to unwind after a long day of working, parenting or both! Our fast-paced society can be extremely stress-inducing – doubly so if you’re a parent who is worried about your child’s future and dealing with their stages and phases. It’s incredibly easy to fall prey to irritability and negative thinking when you are under-slept and constantly besieged by stressful situations. Those two hours (god-willing) at the end of the day may be your only sanctuary from errands, appointments and chores. If you don’t have a chance to properly relax and rest your nervous system, things can get out of hand pretty quickly.

Benefits For You

Before we even mention those little humans that you keep alive and chauffeur around, let’s talk about you. Statistics show that in America, stress and anxiety run rampant amongst adults. When you get to the end of your day and it’s time to relax, even if you have the opportunity to throw on your favourite Netflix show, read a good book or take a walk, oftentimes the practical issues that crowd your days can lead to compulsive thinking that ruins your free time and prevents you from getting a good night’s sleep. With wholesome options liked cannabis-infused tea and edibles from companies like Olli Brands, you can coax your body and mind into a pleasant relaxed state, soak in the me time and calm down your nervous system. So, dim the lights, get out the pencil crayons and your favourite Bon Iver album and enjoy some truly restorative me time.

Secondary Benefits

Now, on to those little humans. The truth is, parenting is stressful. Sure, sure, kids are an amazing miracle and they’re funny and cute, but taking care of them twenty-four seven takes a toll. If you have two or three kids, it’s a fulltime job with plenty of overtime. One of the most difficult things about being a parent is the conflict between wanting to be kind and managing your anger when your kids misbehave. Stern discipline is important when it’s warranted, but as parents, we all fly off the handle on occasion when it’s not warranted. Adult usecannabis products such as CBD (Cannabidiol) can help us reduce stress with zero impairment or euphoria to manage these outbursts, and chilling out with some mellow Indica at the end of the day means you’ll wake up in a good mood, greeting those kids with a smile!