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Cabbage: The Most Effective Food That Detoxifies Liver, Heals Stomach Ulcers And Stops Inflammations

Cabbage is not only delicious, but it also has great healing powers. This incredible veggie is rich in nutrients and fiber and it’s low in calories.

“Cruciferous vegetables are vegetables that belong to the Brassicaceae family of plants. These plants get their name from the New Latin word “Cruciferae,” which means cross-bearing, due to the cross-like shape of their flowers. Native to Europe, the Mediterranean and the temperate regions of Asia, these vegetables have amassed widespread popularity and are now cultivated around the world. Although the individual nutrition profiles can vary, cruciferous vegetables tend to be high in vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin K as well as dietary fiber. Cruciferous vegetables are also unique because they possess sulfur-containing compounds called glucosinolates, which have been shown to have cancer-fighting properties. They have also been linked to a long list of health benefits, including improved heart health, increased weight loss and reduced inflammation,” explains Rachel Link, MS,RD.

There are 3 types of cabbage: purple/red, green and Savy. Savoy cabbage is rich in sinigrin, a compound that’s proven to ward off colon, prostate and bladder cancer.

Here are the many health benefits of cabbage:

1. Wound healing

Cabbage has anti-inflammatory properties and can soothe swollen glands or cuticles. It an also help you heal wounds, blisters and sore spots.

2. Blood-building

Anemic people should consume one glass of raw cabbage juice per day to improve their blood quality.

3. Stomach and colon detox

Fresh, raw cabbage juice cleanses are great for the body. They can help you detox your intestines, stomach and colon, fight inflammations in the intestine and treat diarrhoea.

4. Heal peptic ulcer

Cabbage is one of the most effective ways for treating peptic ulcer.

5. Liver detox

Cabbage can help you cleanse your liver, relieve headaches caused by liver intoxication and reduce dehydration effects.

6. Weight loss

Cabbage has diuretic effects that improve regularity and help you lose weight.