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Bullied 7-Year Old Boy Adopts a Cat With Same Rare Eye Condition and Cleft Palate

Meet Madden ad Moon! This adorable pair were destined to be friends!

Madden Humphreys is a 7-year old boy from Oklahoma who was born with a cleft palate and a very rare condition called heterochromia iridum. The condition causes Madden’s iris to be multicolored. When his mom Christina found out the Madden was bullied at school, she knew she must take action.

“The only thing we can do is try to change our perception on bullies, and try to change the way it affects us. Unfortunately, there will probably always be an unkind person that we’ll encounter. It will always sting and hurt, but we can’t control other people’s behaviour, so we will just try our best to change our own mindset,” Christina told her son.

Christina encouraged her son to make a video in order to explain his rare conditions and to remind people to be kind to one another. The video was popular, but Christina wasn’t convinced. Once day, Christina heard that a kitten with different eyes color and a cleft palate was up for adoption. She knew that the kitten had to become a part of their family.

With a little help from their friends, Christina and Madden were on their way to Minnesota to pick up their new family member. Madden named his new kitten Moon.

“We’re usually not spontaneous people, but we knew that we were meant to love this kitty. Moon, the kitty, and Madden are the perfect companions for each other,” explains Christina.

Christina believes that fate got these two together and she’s so grateful that Madden has Moon.

The story about Madden and Moon went viral after Christina posted their story on her Facebook. She received a lot of support and people even shared their stories with her. She’s even planing to start an Instagram page called “Madden and Moon” in order to raise awareness for clefts and spread positivity and kindness.