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Building the Perfect Wedding Registry

Your engagement is no doubt one of the most exciting times ever. You’ve dreamed about it your whole life, and now it’s finally here! And you’ve no doubt realized by now that there’s a whole lot of planning to do… the flowers, the dresses, the suits, the venue, guest list, food, color schemes… and that’s just for the wedding itself!

However, the wedding ceremony isn’t the only thing you have to plan for during this time. After all, it’s the start of your new life together, so you have to plan for that, too! That’s where the wedding registry comes in. Yes, it’s so that your friends and family can buy you the gifts that you really want and will use for years to come, but they’re more than just gifts. You’re registering for kitchen appliances, furniture, bedding, and dinnerware that will be staples in your home and your lives for years to come. That means that you want everything you get to be of the highest quality.

Now, if someone suggested that you shop for everything for your home from one store, you’d probably think that’s ridiculous. To ensure that you get the highest quality products for each room in your home, you probably have many things in mind, and it’s highly unlikely that they’re all available at the same store. So, why would you create your wedding registry at only one store?

Traditionally, especially before the Internet, that really was the only way to do it, unless you wanted to rattle off a list of different store names to people when they where you’re registered. And that, in all honesty, can come across as rude or pushy to some people. Not to mention, it’s inconvenient for your guests and even for yourself to manage multiple gift lists at different stores.

Nowadays, there’s ways around it, like signing up for a universal gift registry site. Many people will tell you that the best one to use is MyRegistry.com. They have a browser button that you simply add to your browser’s bookmarks bar, which you use on any website’s product page. Then, a window pops up to allow you to edit the gift name, select customization options such as size or color, and even mark it as a favorite if it’s something you really want.

The browser button is especially great for stores that don’t have gift registry systems of their own. Without it, there’d be no way to get that exact item on your wedding registry. Instead, you’d have to settle for a substitute at another store, and who wants to do that?

But what’s especially awesome is their sync feature. If you already have a wedding registry at your favorite store, then this is for you. In less than 30 seconds, you can easily sync any of your existing registries to your MyRegistry.com account. That means you get to have your cake and eat it, too: you still get all the completion discounts and gifts the store gives you for opening a registry, and you still enjoy the perks of a universal gift registry.

This feature got a total makeover in the site’s recent redesign, so now it’s better, faster, and easier than ever to sync your gift lists to your account. In fact, the whole site got a completely updated look with a brand-new color palette and cool parallax scrolling effects for a more modern, immersive experience.

If there was ever a time to try out a universal wedding registry, now’s the time. That way, you can be registered with multiple stores and just tell people that you’ve registered with MyRegistry.com! That way, they can just go to the site, search your name, and all your gifts will be listed right there, with convenient links to the store site where they make their purchase. With MyRegistry.com, you get the best of both worlds!