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Brodie, The Dog Who Got His Face Disfigured By His Mother, Becomes a Therapy Dog

Brodie had a rough start in life. When he was only 13 days old, his mother attacked him and left him with a disfigured face. The attack caused severe cranial and facial injuries and also left the dog partially blind. Although Brodie now looks like a Picasso painting, he’s very strong spirited and melts everyone’s hearts.

The German Shepherd and Border Collie mix has become a star on Instagram with more than 159.000 followers and people simply love him. He also got adopted by a loving family who instantly fell in love wit the unique canine. Amanda and Brad fell in love with Brodie the moment they spot the dog online and they’ve been inseparable ever since. Brodie has now been training to become a therapy dog so that he could help other dogs like him.

He’s definitely hyper, but he is so intelligent. His brain is perfectly fine and he learns tricks within 10 minutes, usually, which tells me he is a smart boy. He just needed patience and someone to be consistent,” says Amanda, Brodie’s owner.