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This Brave Mama Cat Rushes To Defend Her Kitten From The Attack of a Dog

Cats are good and loving mothers, and this is just another proof of their carefulness. We are witnesses of many stories when cats adopt the young of other animals and nurse them as their own. They are also fiercely protective of their kittens. With no hesitation, cats can go after much larger animals to keep their precious babies from harm.

In this video, a man walks his dog, when suddenly the dog noticed a tiny kitten. He attacks the little kitty and the man laughs instead of pulling his dog away. Fortunately for this tiny kitten, the reaction of her mama is faster and smarter than the reaction of the human. The mama cat appears from out of nowhere and shows this very big dog that he messed with the wrong kitten!

Just watch the video below and see the amazing reaction of this brave mama.