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Brace Yourself For Braces – A Preparatory Guide

So you, or your kid, has been to the dentist and they’ve broken the news – someone’s up for some braces soon. This may seem like a big deal but it’s not really a death sentence. After all, you’re investing in that straight, white, perfect smile. But life with braces is a bit different from life without them, so it pays to be prepared. Let’s spend a bit of time and investigate how you can prepare yourself for getting braces.

Find a Good Dentist

This is the most important thing you can do. You need to find a good, reliable dentist in South Melbourne or elsewhere. The key is to find someone that you can trust, because the future of your teeth is in their hands. So, spend some time and shop around until you find a dentist you hit it off with. Ideally you want a dentist that is close by, as you’ll likely be spending a fair bit of time in the chair until it’s all over and done with.

Fill the Fridge and Cupboard

When braces are first fitted, the soft pressure they put on your teeth can cause you some mild pain or discomfort, at least for the first few days. So as you may have guessed it’s probably not the best time to be dining on steak or schnitzel. Stock up on pasta, ice cream, yoghurt, mashed spuds, rice and soups to ensure you’re getting enough vitamins and minerals without causing yourself any more pain.

Get Some Orthodontic Wax

At least until you get used to the braces, they can sometimes cause small sores inside your mouth or irritate you. Here’s a hot tip – get some orthodontic wax. Rub it in your fingers to make it soft, then gently press it into the part of the braces bracket that’s causing the issue. This wax will form a defensive layer that will stop the rubbing and therefore the irritation. Keep a supply of this around, as you’ll be using it a fair bit until your braces are removed.

Avoid Certain Foods

After you’re fitting you’re going to need to avoid certain types of foods as they can potentially damage the wires, making you need an expensive trip for repairs. These include chewy foods like toffees and lollies, hard-boiled sweets, nuts, hard bread rolls and crunchy apples and veggies. Instead, try to eat some of the softer foods that we mentioned before.

Focus on the Plus Side

While you’re in for some pain, irritation and downright annoyance for a little while, it’s worth keeping in mind why you’re doing this in the first place. You’re investing in your appearance and your smile. It’s the first impression everyone you ever meet will have of you when they meet you, so you can approach your future with confidence knowing that you don’t have to hide your smile at parties, job interviews and at other important occasions.

Brace Yourself!

Remember that it will be some short-term pain for long-term gain. First of all, find yourself a great dentist who can perform the work. Stock up on some easy-to-chew and eat food, and avoid the above list of foods that can damage your wiring. Stock up on some orthodontic wax, and remember to stay positive. At the end of the saga you’ll have a dazzling smile.

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