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Botox the Latest Trend Among Brides-to-Be

Weddings are great, but they bring with them many stresses that if not taken care of can blunt the occasion much to the disappointment of the bride. Brides-to-be are usually concerned about many things ranging from color scheme options, flower arrangement ideas and bridesmaids dressing code plans. However, there is a new aspect that is sneaking into the wedding plan and has become significant aspect in any successful wedding; the Botox.

A survey conducted by RealSelf indicates that the acceptance of Botox and other non-invasive techniques (such as injectables) of beauty treatments before the Big Day is on the increase.

According to the survey, many newly engaged prefer these beauty procedures because they are quick and easy to perform and effective, leaving patients with improved, natural appearance. Of all the non-invasive procedures surveyed by RealSelf, most participants opted for Botox at 14.8 percent. It is not clear why this happens, but it could be that most brides find the procedure highly effective in providing them with the results they hope to get.

The survey also found that Coolsculpting, another non-invasive procedure performed for weight loss was the next favored procedure by brides-to-be at 8.4 percent. Other procedures opted for include Invisalign clear aligners at 8.0 percent, Juvéderm at 7.22 percent, and Restylane at 4 percent. All these procedures are meant to help brides look their best before and on the Big Day. Since these procedures are non-invasive, there is no need for any recovery period. Therefore, brides-to-be can have them just before the wedding for the best results.

People (including newly engaged) are no longer afraid of taking the next step in beauty by choosing to have non-invasive beauty treatments performed on them with great results – Dr Mitchell Kim reviews posted on RealSelf are a great example of this. In the recent past, certain cosmetic procedures such as cosmetic enhancements were considered taboo. Today brides can undergo these procedures openly and achieve their beauty goals without holding anything back.

In fact, statistics indicate that Americans spend a whopping $16 billion on plastic surgery (invasive procedures) and non-invasive procedures such as Botox. It is now easy to see why the cosmetic industry is doing very well. The non-invasive procedures are currently preferred because they are safer and produce comparable results to cosmetic surgery and other invasive beauty procedures. They are also less costly.

If you are thinking of having Botox or any other non-invasive procedure to better your appearance, then be sure to read the doctor and clinic reviews posted by patients online.