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Botox Myths: What To Really Believe About Botox

As an increasingly popular cosmetic treatment across generations, for those who want to prevent the signs of ageing to those wishing to roll back the years, Botox shows no sign of slowing down. However, despite having FDA approval and being used in cosmetic treatments for over 30 years, there are still several false rumours surrounding the use of Botox. So, what is true and what is false when it comes to Botox?

Here, we break down some of the most common mistruths about Botox to help you separate the fact from fiction.

Is Botox painful?

It is a common misconception that a Botox treatment is painful. However, Botox is actually administered in small doses through ultra-fine needles. Many clients do not even notice the injections and those who do, will usually express a mild discomfort rather than any pain.

Furthermore, Botox isn’t a long and painful procedure to endure. Typically, treatment time takes less than ten minutes. After the injections, clients are free to carry out their normal day with no pain after the treatment. Furthermore, there are no tell-tale signs either. At most, there may be some micro-spotting during the injections, but the practitioner will dab these away so that clients look fresh-faced and ready for action after treatment.

Do you look frozen with Botox?

Many people worry that Botox will make their facial features seem frozen and robotic. However, the actual purpose of Botox is to give a bright and youthful appearance. It is true that too much Botox can cause the face to appear frozen or look unnatural. With this in mind, it is crucial to select a skilled and experienced Botox practitioner who understands the anatomy and individual requirements in order to use the correct dose of Botox to deliver beautiful, flawless results.

Botox works by temporarily relaxing and slightly paralysing the dynamic muscles that cause lines and wrinkles. After around 120 days, the effects of Botox wear off as the nerve endings regenerate. This means that your practitioner can alter the dosages and the treatment areas on the face with every treatment, so you are always happy with the outcome and never look frozen.

Is Botox dangerous?

There have been many scare stories that Botox is dangerous. While Botox does come from a substance that causes botulism and is a toxin, the protein that Botox is made of has been tested and researched in the medical and cosmetic field for over a hundred years. Furthermore, many regulatory bodies such as the FDA in the United States and the Medicines and Healthcare product Regulatory Agency in the UK approve the use of Botox for both medical and cosmetic purposes.

To ensure Botox is completely safe, however, it is essential to use a high-quality Botox product. Highly trained and accredited Botox practitioners will be able to explain their preferred product, and it is well worth doing your own research so that you find an expert practitioner with a high-quality product that you can trust.

Does Botox build up in the body?

Another common myth about Botox is that with every injection, Botox builds up inside the body. However, this is entirely untrue. For a start, the effects of Botox wear off from the muscles after around 120 days as the nerve endings that Botox attaches to begins to regenerate. At this time, clients may choose to continue their treatment of Botox with further injections.

Repeating Botox injections is not only completely safe but encouraged too. As Botox wears off, the muscles will go back to their normal activity and expressions which can cause lines and wrinkles to appear. So that clients can continue looking fresh-faced and youthful for as long as possible, retreatment maintains to look and continues to smooth out any wrinkles.

Botox does not build up in the body, as the nerve endings regenerate, the Botox breaks down and dissolves.

Are skincare products just as good as Botox?

There are so many skincare products on the market, and many of them claim to be ‘as good as Botox’ when it comes to anti-ageing. However, there will be no facial cream that can offer the same effects as Botox. Botox is injected into the facial muscles to relax them whereas facial creams will not be able to penetrate beyond the skin, deep into the muscle as Botox does.

While Botox works wonders at smoothing lines and wrinkles from within, having a good skincare routine with quality products is essential to in order to receive the best results possible and to maintain a healthy, youthful and bright complexion.

Is all Botox the same?

It seems like every shop, beauty clinic and health facility offer Botox injections, so surely it is all the same, right? Wrong. Several different manufacturers offer Botox; some offer high-quality, trusted products and others may be a lower quality which can show in the results achieved.

While lots of beauty therapists administer Botox, it is essential to remember that Botox is a prescribed medical product and as a result, it was only be administered by a trained medical professional. Accredited Botox practitioners will know to use only high-quality Botox product. Furthermore, they’ll be able to administer Botox in the correct dosage and the right areas.

Instead of seeking the cheapest Botox treatment, clients should look for experienced practitioners who use high-quality products to get the best results.

Is Botox all I need for younger skin?

Botox is incredibly effective at slowing down the signs of ageing by smoothing wrinkles and lines. However, there can be other tell-tale signs of ageing such as loose skin as well as a lack of volume and plumpness in the skin. Botox only smooths wrinkles, and it cannot give the face volume. Some clients choose both dermal fillers and Botox to restore youthful plumpness and volume while removing the signs of wrinkles with Botox.

Alternatively, some clients opt for a facelift and then maintain their youthful appearance with Botox. Botox is perfectly safe after a facelift and is often recommended to help maximise the results of the facelift.

As well as cosmetic treatments, those who want to maintain their youthful skin should adopt a quality skincare routine which includes sun protection.

Do you need to book time off after Botox?

Botox is commonly known as a ‘lunchtime treatment’ as it is so quick and painless it can be done without inconveniencing your day. Typically treatment will take around 10 minutes, and clients can resume their normal activities on the same day. There are some rumours that you cannot fly after Botox. However, there is no evidence to suggest that this is true. Research has shown that Botox is taken up by the body five minutes after treatment, which means there are no safety concerns for flying or other activities after Botox.

While it is safe to carry out regular activities after treatment, it is essential to remember that the results of Botox treatment are not immediate. Due to the way Botox works to relax the muscles, it can take around 14 days for Botox to take full effect. Clients typically start to see results after a couple of days. However, the best results can be seen after a fortnight.