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Boom of Health Tourism in Thailand

According to a recent study by prominent economists, health tourism is set to give a major boost to the travel segment with an estimated rise of almost 25% per year. People these days are set to spend millions of dollars annually to seek high quality healthcare, not only in the richer nations, but in the cost-effective countries as well. While Turkey,as an example, attracts persons seeking cheap hair transplant packages Thailand, thanks to the availability of a host of inexpensive health treatment facilities, has managed to garner a fair share of this phenomenal growth by coordinating with travel portals to offer attractive packages to their customers from all over the world. For more information click here.

Frankly speaking, the Land of Smiles has always been seen as a strong market for health related tourism in South East Asia for many years. The idyllic environment, the variety of amazing services on offer and the low costs involved make many a person head to this beautiful corner of the world, to whet their appetite for healthy holidays. This is not surprising as this seen as the ideal way to relax and recharge batteries, which otherwise can quickly wear down the body due to the stress of the hectic everyday life.

The savvy Government of Thailand has been successfully focusing on promoting activities which focus on health treatments like, spas, wellness and anti-aging to would be customers. These days, demographics are rapidly changing, with the younger generation getting just as concerned about adopting a healthy work schedule as the older ones. With the Asian middle class set to be growing rapidly, the extra money generated in the market can easily be channelised to an affordable country like Thailand, where the dollar can go further as never before.

Wellness tourism in Thailand is on the up and with it comes big bucks. Many high end hotels and secluded retreats are offering more and more fitness and spa related activities than ever before. These packages have now started to divert even the focus of the visitors from tourist attractions to demands for high quality healthcare experiences.

The principal reason for the rise of health tourism in Thailand can be attributed to the many established options which are on offer to the conscious visitor. For example, resorts like the award winning Kamalaya Koh Samui has carved its name in this field. Then there is the luxury property in Hua Hin, the Chiva-Som, where the only purpose is to cater to the guests seeking premium services of yoga, meditation and therapy sessions, in company of reputed and traditional Chinese medical experts and much more.

Thailand is known to be the founder home of the most popular martial art, Muay Thai or kickboxing. Fitness camps, related to this sport, are literally strewn across the length and breadth of the country. Due to the high interest in this field, fitness retreats have expanded their otherwise normal regime to include benefits and packages concerning Muay Thai. Retreats such as Absolute Sanctuary Fitness and Phuket Cleanse are the forerunners in their quest on the health improvement front.

Wellbeing is directly related to nutrition, therefore focusing on the segments which offer high food and good dietary suggestions are a major criteria. Hotels which provide healthy advice like, the mind and body detox Olive Retreat in Khao Tao pamper the guest with wellbeing sessions and special tailored menus during their stay. In fact, at this dreamy place one can opt for staying in a tent inside a national park or in an exclusive Thai hut, all situated within close range of the village as well as the beach.

Thailand is a popular cruise destination, the reason some smart operators have begun to offer specific wellness programs to their clients on board itself. This not only allows the person to travel around the country by ship, but gives them an opportunity to boost and maintain fitness levels while doing so. Cruise companies which are in the forefront are Wellness Cruising and Star Clippers Yoga who have managed to provide the guest with a unique tourism experience, off the shore.

Safety is another issue with any person traveling overseas and the same is the case with those wanting to go to Thailand. Booking any getaway in a foreign land comes with inherent risks, especially where the entire program is linked with the health of the individual. The dietary changes, the strenuous exercises involved and lack of knowledge of the medical facilities available, can be a source of major worry. This is where one would need to ponder on what type insurance to opt for. Most insurance deals cover the travel part like, baggage loss, trip cancellation etc without laying any emphasis on health. A local Thai insurance plan is your best bet, as this will not involve your need of going back to your country of origin, should the need arise.

Health tourism is growing all around the world, but how did Thailand managed to succeed in such a competitive field? The answers are with the policymakers who hinged on two vital aspects. First of all by creating a large opportunistic market by seeking out those customers ignorant of health care. Secondly, these non customers were groomed to address Thailand as a healthcare destination above all others.

Another important issue which Thailand immediately became aware of was that in most advanced countries affordable health facilities were way beyond the means of the common man. Even in a country as advanced as the US only a fraction of the population could afford the requisite treatment. Similarly, rich people in underdeveloped countries had the money but no quality service. This is where Thailand identified the two demands and managed to convince these people to visit Thailand for health services, overlooking concerns like faith in quality, security etc. As the competition hots up, the country bets on larger things such as visa extension and a growth of health related activities across the country.

Today, Thailand is one of the leading health tourism destinations in the world with an unassailable 50% patient share.The country, with its plethora of inviting beaches, natural scenery, splendid cuisine and above all friendly and accommodating locals, has driven consumers to this country for a more cost-effective way. It is because of this reason that the status of health services in Thailand has become so well developed and a great success. Whether it is the hospital or the hotel, one thing you can be assured of- the Thai people will go out of their way to provide quality service at all times.