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Bonne et Filou: Treat Your Dog Like Royalty

Everybody deserves a self-care moment at least once a day. What does that look like to you? A bubble bath or your favorite meal? Buying a candle and just relaxing all night? Cuddling with your dog or maybe baking or buying a fancy baked good.

When I think of treating myself it is usually in the form of macarons. They’re the daintiest, tasties, most Instagrammable French pastries you’ve ever seen. Shouldn’t your pets get in on this too?

Bonne et Filou already thought of it, and executed it perfectly. They noticed that our pets work so hard to love us so much and lounge around all day that they created a dog-friendly version of this treat.

Bonne et Filou uses the finest (human grade!) ingredients to make a healthy and tasty treat for your furry friends. 100% natural, no preservatives, no artificial colors, wheat free, and corn free. Their macarons come in lavender, strawberry and mint. They are sensitive to dogs stomachs and they are so cute.

If you’re an aesthetics person who cares about your pet, these are for you. They’re made in the USA, recommended and approved by vets, and inspired by the French Royalty. Treat your dog like Royalty and give them the healthy treats you know they deserve.