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Boho Wedding Tips For The Perfect Bohemian Occasion

Boho weddings can be ground zero for new wedding trends that take off. Especially for the imaginative millennials of today, boho-themed events can be the perfect way to initiate a new marriage.

One of the most popular bohemian wedding options involves forest venues. Ideally, the redwoods. These three-hundred-foot trees are like monuments to a long, strong, successful marriage. Additionally, they represent a sort of cathartic, second-world setting. Much of the bohemian aesthetic involves a sort of magical energy percolating through the very air.

Outdoor weddings in live forests often facilitate this effect. There’s a certain oneness with nature that transpires, and it’s hard to match at traditional internal venues. That said, bohemian events are also possible indoors; it just depends on the sort of boho wedding you’re trying to go for. Are you trying to be trendy in terms of style and location? Are you going for a futuristic vibe? Are you incorporating some known cultural element in terms of music or design?

Answering these questions is fundamental, and applies to multiple areas of the event. For example, the wedding doesn’t stop once the groom kisses the bride. The reception soon transpires, and you’ll want a wedding DJ whose music matches your stylistic proclivities. Perhaps you want a bluegrass band or an acid rock group. Booking in advance will be key.

Wardrobe Considerations

The clothing of those involved in the ceremony itself will also be a big part of getting your boho wedding right. You can find a diversity of dresses in many different styles to fit a variety of themes at Azazie.com. Not all boho weddings will be exactly alike. If you’re going to get the little details right, you’ll need an option that has some level of diversity built-in.

The time of year is also important. Many boho weddings are outside, many are inside; some will be outdoors in the winter. A bohemian wedding is one that should be “free”, and in harmony with the environment. Everything should be very liberated. This can mean a wedding near a bonfire at night in the winter. It can mean a wedding on a beach or in the trees.

The time you have your wedding will in part determine which venues best fit your proclivities in terms of aesthetic. Oftentimes summer weddings are best for outdoorsy events, but not always. Be sure you plan your wedding far enough in advance to get the event going to the place you intend.

Organization of a boho event requires careful planning and preparation. While there are certainly minimalist weddings which don’t deign to establish deep artistry in a ceremony, even these will require a wedding binder and some organization. The more time you give yourself, the better. At a minimum, you want to plan it six months out. A year and six months are better.

Seeking Advice, And Having Your Best Wedding

You might ask friends who have done the same what to look out for. There is only so much you can anticipate. Here’s the reality: when you’ve got everything planned out, that frees you to enjoy the ceremony itself. If you do all the planning at the last minute, you’ll be thinking about these things constantly during the event itself, and that’s not ideal.

Regardless of how you put your wedding together, such an event represents one of the most fundamental turning points in your life. You want to enjoy your wedding. You want to fully experience it, and be totally in the moment throughout. Planning in advance and taking careful, tactical steps to prepare can help you do this with great success.