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Body Sculpting Techniques You Should Know About

Getting sculpted is a pursuit many of us undertake for many different reasons. Sometimes we want to look like we are aging a little slower, sometimes we want to look like a Greek god or goddess naked, and other times we want to look good in our clothes.

Whatever the reason, there are no signs of sculpting tips, tricks, and technology slowing down, and if you want to know about them, keep reading!

Gua Sha Facial and Body Sculpting

Unless you have been hiding away from blue light UV rays on your phone, you will have seen the new trend that is Gua Sha popping up all over the place. We say ‘new’ lightly, as this technique has been around for centuries, originating from China with a past of postmodern medicine. This tried and tested technique has been hailed to help rejuvenate the skin by encouraging renewal as blood rushes to the surface.

This technique is completed using a flat tool, which is, at the moment, most commonly made out of jade, though you can use other materials such as metal or even the back of a spoon to stimulate specific areas of the face and body.
Be sure to use a serum or oil to ease the friction of gliding the tool across your face or body, and expect to see benefits such as improved fine lines, wrinkles, the promotion of blood circulation, relieving muscle tension, and aid lymphatic drainage.

Coolsculpting Elite

For those who want to get straight to it with little time to spare, the Coolsculpting Elite is a fast and pain-free way to help get your body looking how you would like it to without any of the risks associated with surgery. In addition, this innovative technology helps freeze unwanted fat cells, encouraging your body to eliminate them within as little as 4 weeks! This treatment is great for those who have stubborn pockets of fat which they just cannot seem to get to shift, for those who cannot exercise, or those who need a boost to begin their weight loss journey.

One of the best things about this technique is that it can be catered just for you and your needs, tackling fat anywhere around the body. In addition, you will be able to discuss your desired outcome and expectations at a consultancy, where trained professionals will be able to devise a plan that can suit your goals, lifestyle, and your budget.

Lymphatic Draining Sculpting

Can something as simple as a rigorous massage slim your body down? There are plenty of claims to say they can, and it is no wonder people are getting excited about it. This costs very little compared to other salon treatments and is also something you can do at home! So, what is lymphatic draining sculpting? Lymphatic drainage is essentially a message that is said to encourage the natural drainage of the lymph. When the body does this, it is draining water, toxins, and waste away from tissues and muscles and is being pushed around the body, ready to expel.

Lymphatic draining massage can help reduce swelling throughout the body and improve circulation, which all contributes to your heart being able to work more effectively. It has also been said to help reduce pain and other issues that people can have when they have specific medical conditions.  That being said, some health warnings come with this particular massage, and those with heart problems, blood clotting issues, kidney problems, or circulation disturbances should talk to a doctor before undergoing a lymphatic draining massage or conducting one on themselves!

Radio Frequency Lipolysis

Another non-surgical process that can help your body get tighter and more sculpted is radiofrequency lipolysis. This interesting procedure uses radio frequencies to heat the fat underneath the skin, making it melt, and the effects can be seen soon after the procedure has been completed. There are also other benefits to this technique, such as improved collagen and strengthened skin. This is also a valuable option for those who have visceral fat, which can cause many complications and improve their health almost immediately. Just be sure to do your research and contact your doctor if you have any concerns prior to treatments.

Many of these treatments will help you obtain a more sculpted look, but first and foremost, exercise and diet will be what is the most important for both body composition and health. And remember, no matter how you look, you are perfectly you are just the way you are!