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Body Language Can Reveal The Truth About Your Relationship

Wondering where your relationship is going? We will help you learn the truth about your relationship without using any words.

Signs That Your Relationship Is Doing Great

1. If your partner turns their body towards you during a conversation, it’s a sign of their interest.

2. If your partner holds your gaze for a bit longer, it means that he likes you.

3. When a woman bends her body towards you keeping her back straight, it means she’s really interested in you.

4. When men are interested in someone, they usually tend to look bigger and stronger. For example, they’ll lean on a wall with their hand to get into your personal space.

5. If your hands touch each other by chance very often, it means that there’s something between you.

6. When a person tells a joke, he’s looking at the person he’s most interested in, waiting for a reaction.

7. If the man next to you is wearing the widest smile, it’s a sign that you’re in a happy relationship.

8. When your partner starts using the same gestures as you, it doesn’t mean that he’s teasing you. He likes you so much that he subconsciously starts coping you.

Signs That There’s Something Wrong in Your Relationship

1. If your partner’s body is turned away from you, doesn’t look into your eyes when you speak, it’s a sign of antipathy.

2. If your partner avoids intimacy and turns away from you in bed, it means that something is really wrong in the relationship.

3. When your partner doesn’t smile to your jokes, it shows that he/she is not interested.

4. Crossed arms and leg, body blocks are the reason to rethink a lot of things about your relationship.

5. Small gestures such as opening the door for your lady, holding hands when taking a walk, mean a lot in a relationship. If those gestured don’t happen anymore, it’s a sign that the romance is fading away.