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Blue-Eyed German Shepherd Found Alive 5 Weeks After Being Lost in the Pacific Ocean

Fisherman Nick Haworth and his 1 ½ year old German shepherd Luna were spending some lovely time together on San Clemente Island. Unfortunately, on February 10, the gorgeous shepherd disappeared. Nick was pulling the lobster traps with Luna by his side, and the other minute she was gone. Everyone started looking for her, but the water was dark and they couldn’t see anything.

Nick informed the personnel that his dog had fallen overboard, but he was 90% sure that Luna made it to the shore, since she was a great swimmer. Nick didn’t give up and searched the water for a week, but there was no sign of his beloved dog.

Five weeks later, the staff at the Island’s Naval Auxiliary Landing Fields was having an ordinary day when they spotted something unusual. There was a dog sitting by the side of the road. It was Luna, wagging her tail. They examined the dog and it was in great health. They think that Luna has survived on dead fish and rodents. The staff immediately called Nick to inform him about Luna. Nick was overwhelmed, grateful and thrilled he got his canine back.