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Blind, Tiny Kitten Cries For Help But People Ignore Her!

Dessy and Stoyan are an incredible couple from Bulgaria that rescue stray cats and dream of building a shelter to protect all stray animals.

One day, Dessy and Stoyan spotted a tiny little kitten left alone, in a very bad shape. The kitten’s eyes were closed because she had an infection and her belly was distended. The baby lived in the tiny crack under the entrance to an old building. Many people heard the kitten’s cry for help but no one was interested in helping her. When Dessy heard the poor animal, she immediately picked it up and went to the vet to try and help the kitten.

Luckily, the infection was treatable and didn’t leave the kitten blind. Dessy and Stoyan did everything to take care of the kitten and they made sure she’s on the right path to get better.

The kitten’s health has improved rapidly and now has a chance to enjoy the world and see everything around her.

Check the video below: