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Black Cumin Can Cure HIV and Hepatitis

A recent study has shown that the plant Nigella sativa, or more commonly known as black cumin, contains compounds that fight against lethal viruses such as HIV and hepatitis.

The scientific journal African Journal of Traditional Complementary and Alternative Medicine has published a study that explains the benefits of black cumin in patients infected with HIV. After only one therapy, these patients have gotten so well that the doctors couldn’t find a trace of the virus in their blood.


The study has come up with this:

“It’s been known that Nigella sativa has therapeutical and medical effects, but no one expected that the black cumin will cure HIV in patients that didn’t react positively to all known conventional curing methods.”

The Antiretroviral therapy is used all over the world to fight against HIV, but it’s considered to be very controversial since it has negative effects on one’s health. This kind of therapy is a long-term and expensive and it can cause mutations of the HIV virus that can become resistant of the therapy. The therapy can also cause an irreversible damage to the immune system which can eventually lead to death.

Nowadays people are more interested in using more natural medication and that’s why scientists are more focused on natural ingredients and natural medicines. Black cumin is an excellent example, not only for its effect on lethal viruses, but also for its simple use and its availability.

The miraculous cure

Black cumin is really miraculous when it comes to curing HIV and hepatitis. Many doctors claim that HIV symptoms are far more serious than cancer symptoms. HIV infects everything in the body, and it also causes diarrhea, chronic fever, mononucleosis, joint and muscle pain, weight loss, all sorts of herbs, brain lymphoma, lung infection and a rapid fall of the CD4 counts.
Patients with these kinds of symptoms took 10ml of black cumin extract, two times a day over the course of 6 months. Between day 5 and 20, their fever, diarrhea and the weakness have completely disappeared and the count of CD4 cells has gone up.