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The Best Ways to Lose Weight Fast

There is only one safe and sure way to lose weight, and that is to combine healthy eating with regular exercise. When it comes to identifying the best way on how to lose weight fast, many people are confused, and even experts don’t seem to agree. Nonetheless, there are various healthy weight loss workouts and dieting tips that have been proven to work. Combining the right exercises with dieting plans are the key for people who want to shed off some pounds.

Types of Fat Loss Workout Routines


Weight Training Exercise

Studies indicate that weight training is very effective to burn fat because it increases the body metabolism and in this way burns more body fat.

There are different approaches to weight training as follows:

  • Body sculpting is the name given to the training workouts which have the purpose of causing the loss of body fat and some strengthening of the muscles. The main objective is to achieve balanced leaned muscle.
  • Bodybuilding is the name given to the training workouts which have the purpose of increasing the body muscle mass together with a reduction of the body fat.

Generally, the bodybuilding training is done with heavier weights and sometimes with fewer repetitions (8-15 instead of 15-25). The body sculpting training is more gentle, with less weight and therefore there are fewer dangers of injury.

Cardiovascular Exercises

Exercises such as Aerobics training has less impact on metabolism like weight training, but it is an excellent addition that accelerates the fat burning process. The Aerobics exercises such as step aerobics, bicycling, running, swimming and walking become effective for weight loss when:

  • Cardiovascular exercises are done either in the morning on an empty stomach or right after weight training exercises. In the morning you burn much more fat than at other times because the body does not have any glycogen to burn. When you do the aerobic exercise after the weight training exercise, you should easily reach the fat burning zone.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT programs are akin to sprint training. Essentially, you run very “hard”, and then you rest and repeat the effort. The important thing to remember when doing HIIT is that “hard” means at or close to your maximum effort. With this fat burning exercise, you have to bust your behind and work at your greatest potential. One commonly used method of HIIT training is to work hard for 1 minute and then relax for 1 minute. For fat burning purposes, it is best to slow to a jog during your recovery period rather than stopping entirely. You will burn more calories this way. This work and recovery cycle should be repeated for the duration of the workout.

Fat Loss Workout Tips

  • Add some aerobic exercise preferably in the morning or after the weight training workout at least three times per week.
  • Try to keep your fat loss workout routines varied to avoid boredom and lack of enthusiasm.
Healthy Weight Loss Dieting Tips

Consume High Protein Food

Protein is an important element in any healthy weight loss diet plan. It is a huge benefit to your body’s functioning on a day to day level. Mixing your intake of protein with a regular exercise regime will have many positive advantages for your healthy diet.

Meals with high protein content will provide your body with a mechanism to build up its metabolism. This is vital for controlling your blood sugar levels. It also regulates the way that your body breaks down carbohydrates. These are among many other benefits of protein, but the main advantage is its contribution to your losing weight program.

The best advice for a healthy weight loss diet plan is to eat as many natural food products as possible. These always are the best source of protein, fibers, healthy fat and have a good balance of carbohydrates.

Avoid Processed Foods

Stay away from processed foods as they always have a lot of additives. Eat fresh fruit rather than processed fruit juices.

Get the Right Balance in your Fats

Make sure that you eat at least some healthy fat every day to maintain good health. This is vital if you want to keep your metabolism in high mode. This will also allow your fat burning abilities to be at optimum levels and your hormonal balance right. All this will help you control your appetite and is extremely powerful for your dieting.


Understanding the best way on how to lose weight fast starts with the identification of an ideal program and diet that works best for you. You need to combine both weight loss diet and workouts for you to lose body fat and weight effectively. However, to succeed with your fat-loss efforts, you need to be consistent and exercise a high degree of patience. Learn more at: www.caloriesfit.com

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