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Best ways how to deal with the hangover

Hangover Cure


Skip heavy alcohol beverage

Skip the heavy alcohol like brandy, whiskey, red wine or alcoholic beverages which have a high concentration of congener, the worst chemical of alcohol. Instead, you can drink beverages as lager, gin or vodka. Yours after party nightcap could be a lemon-lime soda. The lemon-lime beverages help in metabolizing the alcohol faster in the liver. This is not a proven cure for hangovers, but the soda has re-hydrating substances and the sugar can give you some extra energy.

When participating in some parties or just drinking alone your body can be dehydrated, so first of all try drinking water before and after drinking alcohol. But if you are searching for cures to hydrate your body, you can consider choosing intravenous therapies because they can hydrate your body in a short time. Nowadays IV treatments are more available because you have an opportunity to choose location-based IV therapies. For instance, while living in Austin you can opt for IV hydration therapy in Austin TX, or other US cities because that’s a great way to cure a hangover quickly and efficiently. Whatever kind of cure you will choose, remember to discuss it with a doctor to know which one is best for your health.

Don’t smoke (for nonsmokers)

When your friend offers you a cigarette, knowing that you smoke when you are drunk, start thinking that with smoking during drinking is more likely to wake up with terrible hangovers. Smoker faster get drunk.

Eat when you get home

The first thing you should do before going to sleep is to get the munchies. Easy food can help you replace lost fluids, potassium and salt that you have lost drinking during the night.

Go home and go to bed

When you realize that only eight or seven hours are left until your wake-up alarm, go home and go to your bed. The sooner you lie down, the better. The sleep deprivation makes a hangover worse. It will be great if you will be woken up at least once by nightmares for natural calling or desire for a big glass of water. Make sure, the next couple of days you get the necessary rest for your brain and body and for recovering until the next big night out.

Have some food or medicament in the morning

When you wake up and your head feels like it`s full of heavy rocks, you can take an ibuprofen, but if you already have some food in your stomach, if not eat something easy for digesting. But some experts say that non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can ease the headache as the rest of your body.

Skip greasy food

Skip the bacon, sausage, cheese and other greasy food as a stimulant at the dinner. It is a myth that these kind of food will soak up the alcohol. Actually fatty foods like burgers, cheese and salmon take longer to digest in the organism, so they slow the absorption of alcohol into the blood. Fatty food will also make you restless and anxious.

Go for a day-after activity

The next day do not lie on your sofa all day long, instead go for a walk or an easy jog. By forcing your body to get moving will distract you from the headaches and achiness you feel. With more exercises is more likely to fast the brain to release the endocannabinoids responsible for getting your mood back. Any kind of workout will protect your body from dehydration and you can ease the hangover.