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The Best Tips For Losing Belly Fat Fast

Camping out on your couch isn’t a good way to lose weight. Alternatively, you don’t have to train extensively for 2 hours every day or starve yourself with salads. Here are simple tips for losing weight that work perfectly with your busy schedule and can guarantee loss of belly fat.

Use Almonds As Snacks

If you get midday hunger pangs, it’s quite often that you will find yourself snacking in the vending machine. Therefore, it’s always easier to stick to your dieting plan if you’re prepared for any hunger pangs.

So the right way to snack right is packing a few almonds for your snack time. You can always take them instead of snacks that are rich in carbs such as muffins. With this plan, you’re going to lose a lot of belly fat within 6 weeks.

Cheat Days

Are you having trouble sticking to your diet? Well, a cheat day is the best way to do it. Research has identified that dieters who use a cheat day every week will lose the same amount of weight as the non-cheaters because they will become more motivated to stick to their diets after about 2 weeks.

With the flexibility of enjoying your favorite junk food at least once every week, you can always enjoy your dieting efforts. Make sure your portions are reasonable since big portions will completely derail your hard work. Don’t over-indulge on your cheat days, rather you can always eat something that you wouldn’t normally eat when you’re dieting.

A Nap Is Always A Good Idea

Taking a nap is one of the best ways to keep your appetite in check. Failure to sleep will trigger the release of gherkin, a hormone that forces you to eat more and reduces the levels of leptin, a hormone responsible for alerting the body when satisfied.

Eat Slower

Try losing weight by eating slower. Chew your food for longer periods and allow your brain the time to register that you’re satisfied, allowing you to eat less. On the other hand, when you eat slower, your blood sugar will rise in a controlled manner rather than spiking. It’s a good way of regulating your appetite for the rest of the day, allowing your body to store and use fuel accordingly. You should pace yourself when eating by taking a deep breath between each bite.

Track Your Progress

You should weigh yourself regularly to track your progress. A study identified that people who weighed themselves every day lost at least 5.7 pounds every year, compared to those who rarely stepped on the scale, who lost an average of 1.1 pounds. Basically, when you step on the scale, you’re getting feedback on your weight loss efforts and it’s easy to track what actually works and what doesn’t. Therefore, it’s one of the guaranteed ways of being successful.

Try Playing Tetris

Did you know you can block your cravings by building blocks? A study identified that people who played Tetris for at least 3 minutes every day, reducing their cravings by at least 20%. The game will transfer your cognitive focus thus distracting you from filling yourself with unhealthy snacks.

Snack Before Going Shopping

Before going to the grocery store, you should have a snack such as an apple. That way, you can avoid making impulse purchases when you’re shopping. A recent study identified that people who ate a fruit before going grocery shopping bought less junk food and more produce rather than those who snacked on cookies. Eating a healthy snack will steer you in the right way and that’s to the produce section rather than the junk isle, alternatively diet supplements can also help cut down pangs for food.

Try Swapping Intervals For Cardio

There is no need to exercise for a long time since you need to be smart about it. A study identified that people who did high-intensity interval workouts for 8 months shed an inch more of belly fat than those who spent that time on a treadmill. The interval training will prompt your body to burn extra calories even after leaving the gym.

Interval workouts have been specifically designed to boost loss of fat while building the lean muscles. You can always find time to work out on the weekends since most people have busy schedules making it tough to go to the gym on a weekday.

Take 30 Minute Walks

Do you hate working out? Well, you could try taking 30 minute walks every day to lose 1.6 inches on your waist in about 12 weeks. Get some decent shoes from Orthotic Shop and some quality walking wear.

You can lose a whole pant size and you don’t have to stress yourself doing it. Additionally, when you’re parking your car, always park it on the opposite side of the parking lot to make sure you can get enough walks to and from your car, if you don’t have enough time to take walks the entire day.

Meal Replacement Shakes

You should use them at lunch at breakfast. You can always keep one shake in your bag for the days you might stay late in the office. That way, you can avoid visiting the vending machine for junk food.

Drink Water

Water is an important aspect of your dieting. Always take water before every meal to reduce your appetite and improve digestion.

Granola And Cereal Bars

Rather than eating candy bars in the office, you should bring your own granola or cereal bars for the best results.

About Junk Food

If there’s no junk present in your home, there won’t be many cravings. It’s important to read the nutrition information present on any food you’re buying to make sure you’re getting nutritious food and not junk. On the other hand, if you’re craving some fast food, you should visit the restaurant’s website to get the nutritious information.


You should always put the salad dressing on the side. Dip your fork into it then spear some salad. Since the dressing will be at the bottom of your fork, you will not miss out on the taste.

Protein Smoothies

Before going outside to eat, you should take a protein smoothie. They have a great taste and will also keep your satisfied for a long time. So, you don’t need to eat a lot of food.

Use A Dieting Mantra

For instance, you shouldn’t eat anything after 9pm. That means, you will avoid unhealthy snacks or meals after that time. You should plan your last snack or meal when your body can utilize it before going to sleep.

In conclusion, most people have a hard time losing belly fat or keeping fit because they always take the wrong snacks, eat at the wrong time, participate in tough exercises and always use tough dieting manuals. If you want to become successful, make sure your dieting plan is flexible with some cheat days and use a mantra to make sure you stick to it. Also, try little exercises that don’t break a sweat but can guarantee the best results within the shortest time possible. Always choose healthy snacks and avoid eating late in the night to make sure your food is digested properly.

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