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Best Tips For Choosing A Wedding Gown

If you want to look stunning and breathtaking on your wedding day, you have to choose the ideal gown. Whether you are going for a traditional white gown or otherwise, you want a dress that suits you and portrays your beauty. The wedding gown is the finest and most expensive garment many women will ever wear and sets the tone for the entire wedding, which means finding your ideal wedding gown can be daunting and overwhelming. To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled the best tips for choosing a wedding gown.

  • Factor in Personal Preferences

Choose a dress that matches your personal preferences, style, and what flatters you. Different brides look for different things in a wedding gown. Some brides want a regal ball gown fit for a princess while others desire a sexy gown that displays their curves. Other brides want a flexible gown that will allow them enough movement on the dance floor while others desire sweetheart mermaid wedding dresses to rock a glamorous and red carpet look.

Have a clear vision of how you want to look on your wedding day. Do you want to look classic, glamorous, beautiful, or comfortable? Know your wedding theme beforehand because the last thing you want is your gown to clash with your wedding style. Ensure you keep an open mind but do not purchase a gown you do not like.

  • Research Dress styles

Use bridal magazines and the internet to get a preview of the wedding gowns in the market. There are numerous wedding attire resources online that feature elegant and chic gowns. Collect pictures of the styles that appeal to you. Write down the elements you would like your dress to have such as color, fabric, and amount of detailing. Would you like the traditional white dress or another color? What type of neckline would you prefer?

  • Set a Budget

Before you start shopping for a wedding gown, set a budget of how much you want to spend. Figure out who is paying for the gown and how much they are willing to spend. Ensure you factor in costs associated with adjustments, shipping, and storage. Your gown is not the only wedding attire you will require for the wedding. You will also need accessories such as shoes and jewelry not forgetting makeup. Experts advise that a gown should take up around 8-10% of your wedding budget.

  • Choose the Right Fit for your body type

Your wedding gown should fit well with your body type. In addition, it should be comfortable since you do not want to spend your big day feeling constricted. Make sure that you can move and breathe easily in your gown. Do not shy away from trying hundreds of dresses to get the perfect fit. As much as you would like a dress that fits your body type, be careful not to pick a dress that you do not like.

  • Wedding Location

Consider the location of your wedding when choosing a gown. If you are having a beach wedding, avoid ball gowns with long trains and theatrical embellishments. If you’re having your wedding in a cathedral, shun short slip dresses. Consider the season you will be married and choose the fabric that suits it. Linen and organdy do well in warm weather while the velvet and brocade are appropriate for winter.

  • Bring Backup

Bring anything you would like to wear on your wedding day such as a special necklace or your granny’s veil. Also, tag along one or two friends with you to provide advice on the gowns. Invite people who know your style and taste and will give an honest opinion.

Choosing a wedding gown is a once in a lifetime experience. However, the process can be stressful and overwhelming because of the many gowns on the market to choose from. Use these best tips for choosing a wedding dress and you will never go wrong. Go for a dream dress that you will love today, on the wedding day and 30 years from now when you look at the photos.