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Best Places to Visit for Senior Citizens in Tasmania

Tasmania is bursting with unique places to discover and fantastic sights to see, it’s no wonder this island state is often considered as one of the best places to visit in Australia. With its stunning mountain ranges, abundant wildlife and rainforests, it’s an outdoor lover’s paradise. If you’re seeking an escape from urban life and time to simply enjoy the wilderness, then Tasmania is the place for you. Suitable for all age groups, there’s something for everyone here whether you’re a college student or senior citizen.

Looking for the best places to visit as a senior citizen in Tasmania? Check these out…

Enjoy a boat cruise around Bruny Island

A Bruny Island boat cruise is a great way to spend an afternoon in Tasmania. Cruise along and soak up the outstanding scenery while you gaze upon Australia’s highest sea cliffs. Along the way you may encounter wildlife such as dolphins, whales, sea birds and seals. These tours tend to last in the region of three hours so kick back, relax and simply enjoy the ride.

Hike the Overland Track

Looking for a challenge? Pack your most comfortable pair of hiking boots for this epic hiking trail. One of the most popular hikes in Australia and not for the faint-hearted, is the Overland Track. This six-day hiking trip will require stamina, determination and a good set of camping gear. The breathtaking scenery, lakes and beauty make the journey worth it. You might also like to look into a group tour which sometimes includes private accommodation and home-cooked meals for a little bit of hiking luxury.

Take a road trip to Freycinet National Park

Freycinet National Park is roughly a two-hour drive from Hobart so you may want to look into car hire in Hobart when planning this trip. Located on Tasmania’s east coast, Freycinet National Park is an area of natural beauty featuring dramatic pink granite peaks, white sandy beaches and crystal-clear blue waters. Embark on full or half-day treks, enjoy snorkelling off the beach or take a cruise around the park if time is limited. Many of the shorter walks that are signposted are suitable for individuals of all abilities and age groups with wonderful views along the way.

Visit Cradle Mountain National Park

Cradle Mountain National Park is one of Tasmania’s most visited tourist destinations and for good reason. Home to ancient rainforests, glacial lakes and rugged mountains, it’s hard to beat this area of outstanding natural beauty. Enjoy leisurely strolls, trout fishing and even a plane ride over the park. You can also stay overnight in one of the cabins and chalets available if you fancy a night in the company of nature.

Stop by the Museum of Old & New Art (MONA)

The Museum of Old and New Art is located in Hobart and you might be surprised to discover it is Australia’s largest museum. Owned by professional art collector David Walsh, you can view the impressive collection of art and antiques worth over $110 million as well as various exhibitions which run throughout the year. Alongside plenty of art to feast your eyes upon, MONA is also home to restaurants, bars and the Moorilla winery. The perfect excuse for a glass of red…