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Best Meal Kits That Will Help You Lose Weight and Stay Healthy

The question on many peoples’ mind is, “how can a meal kit help you to lose weight?” The reality is that meal kits are designed to make it easy for you to prepare your meals at home. However, the secret to staying healthy is ordering nutritious foods and watching your caloric intake.

When it comes to losing weight, the food portions are key. You need to choose an appropriate meal plan by aiming for meals that have more vegetables and a smaller portion of carbs. Play around with the recipes by altering the ingredients to fit your needs.

Benefits of using meal kits delivery services include:

  1. No more guesswork. You do not have to struggle while trying to figure out what is acceptable to eat and what is not.
  2. Ready meal planning for you and easy to follow recipes.
  3. Avoid temptations and cravings. You can easily stick to the plan.
  4. You will have healthy yet delicious meals.
  5. Balanced meals that will give you the desired results depending on your goals.
The Best Meal Kits

There are numerous meal kit options available in the market. We will have a look at a couple of the best meal kits for weight loss options available:

1. Hello Fresh

This is a great option for beginners because it is quite straightforward. The ordering process is easy to follow.

Hello Fresh’s meal options are both healthy and balanced. Each meal comes with a nutrition label indicating the number of calories so it is very easy to follow up with your weight loss goals. The best thing is that this kit has a plan that is exclusively for vegetarians.

2. Blue Apron

Blue Apron is considered the best option overall. Their food options are quite affordable and offer salads such as the roasted vegetable salad and apple salad.

A great feature of Blue Apron is that they allow the option of ordering wine with your food. We all know that a glass of wine after meals helps with digestion, right?

3. Home Chef

Home Chef offers specific meal planning and they also allow you to make various selections depending on your nutritional needs. You can choose low­calorie meals that you feel will help with weight loss.

4. Sun Basket

Sun Basket is known for providing organic and sustainable ingredients. Their meals involve many fresh and healthy ingredients which makes them perfect for weight loss. Sun Basket offers a lean and clean plan which is specifically designed for weight loss. This meal plan offers meals that do not contain gluten or dairy.

Other weight loss plans are the Paleo meal plan, Chef’s Choice, Gluten-Free, Soy Free, and Vegetarian which are all very healthy and aimed at weight management.

5. Plated

Plated is best known for providing variety. Their meal plans are quite innovative and diverse. If you want a specific diet to help with weight loss, chose a combination of meals that you feel will help you achieve this.


Meal kits are a really helpful tool when it comes to weight loss and management. This is because the recipes always utilize fresh ingredients.

Meal kits offer long-lasting results as long as you stay on track. This is because cooking your own meals gives you more control over what you eat and how you prepare it. This is a very important strategy for sustainable weight loss.

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