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Best Jamaica Resorts for Solo Travelers

Traveling solo sometimes can be thrilling since you get to spend less and have an opportunity of meeting and making new friends. It is cheap regarding booking of the air ticket, and also you get to book and spend for one person while at the resort. One of the best states that offer excellent resorting places is Jamaica. The island is packed with all unique features such as the Caribbean Sea, and also you get to learn a few things about the Jamaican people. So how about you plan for a solo getaway the next time you get a work leave and get to stay in the following magnificent resorts in Jamaica.

ClubHotel Riu

Apart from Relaxing, you will need to engage in other entertaining activities while in Jamaica. So if you need a resort that will keep you active and involved, then Clubhotel Riu in Ocho Rios is just the right place for you. Rated among the top Jamaican resorts, the resort is equipped with all entertaining facilities like volleyball courts, a gym and also two swimming pools where you have a dive after a long workout session or after you are done with your volleyball match. For those who prefer more relaxing treatments, you need to visit the Renova spa wellness center which is located within the resort, and get a couples massage if you decide to come with your partner. The resort also gets to serve you three meals in a day which are accompanied by snacks and drinks for you anytime you feel like snacking. If you don’t feel like going out for some entertainment, you can still get massive entertainment by watching live bands perform and other comedy shows. Want to grab a drink before you go to bed? Visit the Pacha nightclub which is open for six nights in a week, and you can also get free drinks at the bar. Note that all these excellent activities and treatments are found within the resort.

Secret wild Orchid

If you need a place that offers more privacy, then while picking a resort, you might consider residing at the secret wild orchid in the Montego Bay. The resort is exclusive for adults only, and is situated near the private beach where you get to view its waters and feel the cool breeze from the beach. The place has some of the best experiences that you will enjoy which include a 24-hour room service. So if you don’t feel like living your comfortable bed, you can everything delivered to your room. If you prefer to eat at the restaurant, you can have your meals at nine on-site restaurants where you get serviced three-course meals in a day and accompaniment of free snacks and drinks. You can also have a walk along the shores of the private beach or have a horseback ride experience at the beach. Your night does not have to be boring as you can enjoy some music at night as you mingle with the other travelers at the club Ville. There are other exciting amenities that you can enjoy at any time of the day which includes playing poker at the resorts gaming lounge.

Breathless Punta Cana Resort and Spa

This is another great resort to stay in a while vacationing in Jamaica especially if you are considering traveling alone. Apart from mingling with other singles from worldwide, you get to be entertained from different events that are held at the resort on a daily basis. Some of those enticing events include lingerie party which is held every Monday night and for those who love to hit the dance floor don’t let the Breathless Mega dance party pass you since it is held every Thursday. Aside from enjoying yourself you also get the best treatment in your hotel room. First of all, you get to sleep in a king-sized bed all by yourself; the room has a balcony where you get to view the waves from the beaches, there is a Jacuzzi where you get to soak yourself to relax and a swimming pool too. This is a good package you should consider since it gives you solo traveling tips and you get to fit in.

Harbour Village Beach Club

This is the resort that offers a tremendous adventurous experience for the travelers while they relax. The resort is equipped with excellent and enjoyable activities like kayaking, there are swimming pools, and you can also dive in the nearby beach. If you need a place that will offer privacy, then harbor village beach is the right place for you. You can have your meals served on the beach by the La Balandra restaurant or order for room services if you don’t feel like going out.

Those are some of the best resorts that you might consider while planning for your vacation in Jamaica.