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Best Fruits For Glowing Skin: Eat, Apply, Repeat

Fruits are loaded with vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants and phytochemicals, and apart from being overly good for our body and our overall health, some of them work wonders on our skin. Indian gooseberries provide protection from UV rays, a mask from watermelon cools down the face and provides smooth skin, the papaya gives us a better and even complexion. Bananas are used to reduce wrinkles and strawberries to reverse aging.

How often do you look at someone’s face or overall skin and wonder if it’s genetics or just balanced diet? Having fruits in your diet give you many benefits, including beautiful skin. Fruits will help you stay hydrated and, one important thing, they taste amazing. We give you 5 best fruits for healthy and glowing skin:

1. Gooseberry – Sun Protection/Anti-ageing

This sour fruit is one of the richest fruits with vitamin C, it has 90% of vitamin C that keeps your skin looking tight, fresh and younger for longer, and it’s helping with healthy hair grow. It has been admired in Indian culture and Ayurveda for treating diseases such as liver disease, metabolic disorders and stomach ulcers. A study (made on American women) shows that Indian gooseberry effectively inhibits sun damage to human skin cells, it was also observed that higher vitamin C intake along with healthy and balanced diet minimizes the wrinkles and dryness of the skin.

Ways to use it: It should be applied on the skin or consumed in your meals. It’s best to eat it in the morning for better benefits. You can also drink the juice or apply it on the skin, the vitamin C also has skin-lightening action, so prepare for the glow!

2. Watermelon – Smooth Skin

Watermelons are filled with lycopene, vitamin A, C, and potassium. It helps you skin become smoother and softer. According to a study there is a significant connection between the lycopene and the roughness of the skin, and higher levels of lycopene helps your skin to become smoother.

Ways to use it: Drink some watermelon juice as often as you can, and also use the pulp for a face mask.

3. Papaya – Healthy Complexion/Skin Renewal

Papaya is rich in vitamins such as A and C, along that it’s also filled with magnesium and carotenoids. Carotenoids can be found in tomatoes and carrots, but in papaya they are more bioavailable (three times higher), according to studies. Actually, according to a study made on Caucasians carotenoids are the reason that add the yellow tones to the human skin coloring, and are also linked with sun-protection benefits, the higher the concentration- the better the protection.

Ways to use it: Mash some papaya and apply it directly on your face and neck. You can also add some honey, raw milk or milk powder to the mixture too. Raw papaya can help remove dead skin cells and replace it with healthy cells.

4. Bananas – Acne/Wrinkle Free Skin

Bananas are loaded with vitamins C, A, and B6, fiber and potassium, and the banana peels are great for remedies for warts and treats bruises and mosquito bites. Bananas are one of the most loved fruits in the world, they are great for baby food, and keep the skin fresh, and wrinkles at bay. Banana peels are also very useful for treating acne because of the rich potassium and antimicrobial activity against staphylococcus pseudomonas bacteria.

Ways to use it: Make a puree out of ¼ banana and cover your face like a mask. Wash the banana mask after 15-20 min. with warm water and with splashes of cool water. Also, for another wrinkle free and oil balancing method, use banana to start the mixture with and add fuller’s earth and apply it on the face. After the face paste is dry, wash it off with cool water. You can add coconut oil to the mixture to enrich the paste, the fatty acids in coconut are great for face and wrinkles. For warts, use the banana peel and remove it once it turns black. Repeat this for a couple of weeks to see the results. Rubbing banana peel is good to soothe poison ivy rashes, too.

5. Strawberries – Fighting Age/Hyperpigmentation

Strawberries are rich with antioxidants and are loaded with vitamin C. The vitamins and the antioxidants found in strawberries combined are very helpful for anti-ageing and according to a study they are helping to diminish the DNA damage and also provide relief from UVA radiation that causes hyperpigmentation. Vitamin C is already known for its skin benefits and strawberries contain vitamin C right enough to help you glow!

Ways to use it: Consume them in your everyday diet, or if you’re just looking for a perfect skin, make a puree out of them and apply it on the face as a face mask. You can also blend the mixture with almonds and walnuts to make a face scrub. Blend the mixtures with honey to soften the paste, and you will glow like an angel in no time.

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