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What Is The Best Flat Iron For Hair

Cloud Nine, The Original Iron Hair Straightener

Why is Cloud Nine the best flat iron for hair? With Cloud 9 the heat is controllable, this means you will not burn your lovely locks, especially as most ladies are straightening their hair every day. Cloud 9 has a microcomputer heating system that controls the temperature according to your desired heat, combined with the Ceramic Heat Element you will have silky smooth shiny hair all day long.

Cloud 9 The original irons are slimmer than the wide irons, which is great for when you have very short hair but also straightens long hair with ease. Those flyaway baby hairs get smoothed out within seconds. The Cloud 9 flat iron glides through your hair without tugging on it like most other flat irons do which makes it the best flat iron for hair.

Cloud 9 was made by the founders of an already well-known flat iron company known as GHD. They removed all the flaws of the GHD and created the flat iron brand Cloud 9. The Cloud 9 has floating mineral coated- ceramic plates heated by temperature control sensors. This means you will not be able to fry or dry your hair out, even if you use it every day, which narrows it down, that the Cloud 9 The Original is the best flat iron for hair. The floating plates cushion the impact throughout your hair as the pressure you place on the flat iron can also damage your hair.

The heat sensor setting on the flat irons is amazing as not everyone has the same type of hair. This way ladies or gentlemen with all different hair types can use the flat iron and just set the temperature to their desired heat. The plates heat up quickly and you are ready to use in about 30 seconds.

The original Cloud 9 is sleek and can be used as a curling wand as well which means you don’t have to damage your hair with another hair damaging product should you want to create beautiful locks. By keeping your desired heat for your hair type, you will be able to get your hair healthy in no time.

Cloud Nine The Original might be a bit more expensive than your everyday flat iron but it is definitely worth it as it is an award winning flat iron, making it best flat iron for hair. You will be investing in your hair quality and set your mind at ease when it comes to the health of your hair. Hair Stylists have been using the Cloud9 on their clients in conjunction with other flat irons and the Cloud 9 ends up on top every time.