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The Best Exercises to Lose Arm Fat at Home

Many women blame on the slow metabolism for having extra weight and arm fat. Yes, your metabolism does affect your weight as it deals with ‘the process by which your body converts what you eat and drink into energy’, but it certainly doesn’t control how much you are eating. If you are trying to tone up those arm muscles you need to make some lifestyle changes.

Just follow these simple steps to get get lean, toned and defined arms.

12-Minute Arm Workout

The video below shows a 12-minute workout which will help you achieve toned arms. These exercises target three main arm muscles: shoulders, biceps and triceps. All you need is a pair of weights and remember to stretch before exercising.

Healthy Balanced Diet

A healthy, balanced is essential to obtain strong and shaped arms. Avoid foods that are high in fats and sugars as they will make you feel worse rather than better in the long run.

Since our muscles are made up of different proteins, to build up muscle mass it is crucial to eat more protein rich food such as legumes, fish, tofu, eggs, nuts, and milk. Remember, breakfast is the most important meal which will help you not overeat during the rest of the day. Also, drink plenty of water or green tea to stay hydrated and to maximize your energy levels.

Cardio Exercises

By doing cardio exercises (swimming, running, walking, bicycling) as regularly as weight exercises, you are guaranteed to have toned arms in no time!

Cardio helps your body’s ability to pump more oxygen, improves endurance and burns calories at the same time. With improved endurance levels you’ll be able to exercise for longer, therefore, burning more calories and building more muscle!