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Best Cloth Face Masks 2021 For Branded/Promotional (Reusable / Washable): Antiviral, Fashion & Comfortable

Since the emergence of Coronavirus (Covid-19) – just like taking hygienic measures, washing our hands often, and observing social distance – the use of face masks is another fundamental measure for protection against Covid-19, especially when we have to leave the house.

In line with the recommendation to wear masks in public places by World Health Organization (WHO) and other health agencies like the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), people become more aware that wearing face masks is essential for one to protect him or herself from the virus.

Especially when you are in a closed range with other people or even on the public road and cannot maintain social distance from other people, you should wear a mask. In many countries, wearing masks is mandatory for those aged 6 years and above.

When one is infected with Covid-19 and the person does not know it yet (he may be asymptomatic), wearing a mask will help prevent it from contaminating other people through respiratory droplets. This gesture will help prevent the spread of the virus and also prevent other microorganisms from infecting you through your nose or mouth when making contact with other people’s droplets.

Cloth masks have become both a sanitary accessory as well as a fashion accessory. After all, you wear it on your face to professional meetings, a date, or a party, as we always want to have style –even with a protective mask. Thus, in this article, we will provide you with a list of the best washable and reusable cloth face masks that can be useful for self-protection.

Best Cloth Face Masks to Go For

Not all cloth masks provide the same level of protection, comfortability, or breathability, especially now that we have a lot of manufacturers, which may probably make it possible to have some low-quality products in the market. Here is a list of our selected eco-friendly washable and disposable face masks according to their level of protection.

Dony Mask – Premium Antibacterial Cloth Face Mask

The Dony Mask is our number one and most preferred cloth mask because of its comfortable, quality, breathability, protection, and unisex features. It is a premium-quality antibacterial cloth mask that is both washable and reusable. The masks are produced by Dony Garment Company, a subsidiary of Dony International Corporation – One of the largest manufacturers of premium quality cloth masks and other PPEs in Vietnam.

Dony Masks is made to provide 3-ply protection to the wearer: water-resistant fabric, filter bowl, and 99,9% antibacterial fabric. The mask has been tested and passed most of the rigid standards in the world, thus, gotten certifications from CE, FDA, and TUV Reach. It is a breathable designed mask with a close fit, while each of the three layers of the mask provides different protection functions.

The mask’s outer layer features a strong water-resistant material that prevents droplets from clinging to the mask, limiting the potential for viral infection, while the middle layer functions as a filter. The inner layer offers the most anti-bacterial effects.

Each of the Dony Masks is made of 100 percent antibacterial cotton with nano silver technology and complies with the CDC’s guidelines for face masks. They come in two colors (black and white) with secure elastic ear loops that make them comfortable to wear for long. The masks are reusable and machine washable; can be washed up to 60 times yet retain their antibacterial effect of over 99% for all-day wear – sterilized with E.O gas technology.

Dony Masks can also be branded with an organization’s logo and are sold at an affordable price rate – ranging between 10-15 $ / piece (depending on the type / location). The masks are presently used in more than 35 countries across the world, including the US, UK, EU, etc. and have been mentioned in publications on Fox, ABC, NBC, Usatoday, Yahoo News, Marketwatch, Moneycompass, Street Insider, Benzinga, Associated Press, Digital Journal, Menafn, Business Insider, Financial Times.

Why Buy Dony Masks: Closely fit, breathable design, unisex and features 3-ply protection: Water-resistant fabric, Filter bowl, 99, 9% Antibacterial fabric, 60x reusable.

Price: Ranging between 10-15 $ / piece

Pacsafe Silver iON Face Mask

The Pacesafe Silver iOn Face Mask is another quality reusable mask that has made a name among adventurers because of its usefulness to many. It is produced by Pacsafe and designed to provide a 3-in-1 (Antimicrobial, Barrier, Filter) system of protection, which makes it ideal and effective for use. Its five-layer construction makes it more protective when it comes to protecting oneself from the virus. The mask provides almost the level of protective effects with the popular N95 masks which seemingly became the apex standard of protection upon the emergence of the pandemic. Each of the mask’s layers provides different roles. The innermost layer that makes contact with our faces focuses around comfort, protection, and odor neutralization: ideal for those who enjoy smelly lunches. The outer layers focus on moisture control, filters, and disinfection. These layers ensure maximum safety from viruses and airborne diseases. In addition, there is an addition of Graphene and silver, ensuring that it effectively eliminates the ability for any microbial to fester or reproduce at a harmful rate.

Silver iOn Face Mask, no doubt, provides better quality and comfort to wear at all times. The fabric is fluid and moves with you, while its flexible frame keeps the mask away from your mouth too. The mask is also compact enough to fit into any pocket, making it an ideal mask for exercise and everyday use.

Why Buy Pacsafe Silver iON Face Mask: Super protecting five-layer structure, germ-killing silver ion, and Graphene materials, comfortable, and versatile.

 Price: $39.95

Tom Bihn V3/V4 Mask

Tom Bihn V3/V4 Mask is a functional washable and reusable cloth mask with a comfortable design, and it is great to use. Manufactured by Tom Bihn, the mask represent excellent value for money. The design features three layers of cotton twill with an outer layer of poly/cotton blend, which provides maximum protection from microbial. This washable mask also features comfortable ear loops and an adjustable neck lanyard, making it a great everyday mask with easy to take on and off adjustable features. For those with a beard or big jaw, V3/V4 Mask is an excellent choice as it allows you to talk, guffaw, and exclaim flexibly without losing coverage or the mask slipping from your face.

Why Buy Tom Bihn V3/V4 Mask: They are comfortable, innovative drawstring, while mask patterns are downloadable so that you can make your version.

 Price: $16

Kitsbow Face Mask

This is another cloth mask that offers maximum comfort and protection to its wearers. The Kitsbow Face Mask is a two-ply quality and reusable mask with a HEPA filter designed for all-day comfort. The mask has been upgraded to include a double-entry filter pocket. The double entry pocket feature allows for easier insertion and positioning of the filter medium. This feature is absolutely helpful for removing and replacing the filter between washes.

The mask is designed to come with a sturdy elastic band that goes around the head, providing stable fitting and needed comfort for an everyday mask. The mask performed well in independent lab tests for filtration and breathability. Unlike some mask filters, Kitsbow Face Mask’s filter span the entire area of the mask, maximizing its filtration potential. The solid-color design of the mask filters better than the plaid version, making it the best option for maximum potential protection purposes.

Why buy Kitsbow Face Mask: Heavy and lightweight options, secure headbands, comfortable and reusable.

Price: $25 from Kitsbow.

Proper Cloth Mask 

This is an everyday mask in cotton design, which features two-ply layers with filter. The mask incorporates a wide and lightweight metal noseband, which allows you to customize it to suit any face shape for maximum comfort and multiple uses. It is made of a double layer of tight woven 100% organic cotton that is soft, breathable, and offers maximum protective efficiency. The mask also comes with a slim but strong adjustable earloop made of an elastic band with stoppers that size to every individual face. Proper Cloth Mask is reusable, pre-shrunk, and machine washable. Its filter pocket is another unique feature that differentiates the mask from many others.

Why buy Proper Cloth Mask: It is made of a double layer of tight woven 100% organic cotton that is soft, breathable, and offers maximum protective efficiency.

Price: $22 from Proper Cloth

Types of Face mask

Since health authorities around the world recommend wearing face masks as one of the basic measures in protecting oneself from Coronavirus, people have adopted different types of face coverings, including reusable cloth masks, disposable medical masks, hand-sewn masks, and some even use bandanas as masks. But how efficient are each of these face masks?

However, there are some specific types of protective masks against COVID-19, but not all are intended for the same people or situations. Know the different options available and find out which one that best suits your needs and wants.

FFP2 Respirators

These are protective masks for health professionals and are very effective in protecting against respiratory droplets that may be present in the air. They have the advantage of protecting both large and small droplets.

FFP2 respirators are carefully manufactured to seal the face – more precisely the nose and mouth – from contact with the outside. For this, the health professionals who use this type of mask need to carry out various tests to ensure that they choose the model that best suits their face. The use of this type of mask is not for the general public: its service is not available to the general public.

Surgical Masks

Surgical protective masks are disposable and are commonly used by healthcare professionals when performing surgeries or other medical procedures. However, since the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is common to see them also on the faces of those who pass by on the street or in the supermarket.

The materials used in its manufacture can be paper and plastic and are usually blue. Although not completely close to the face, surgical masks are resistant to fluids and offer some protection against larger respiratory droplets, for example from sneezing and coughing. This type of mask serves primarily to prevent the person wearing it from infecting others if they are carriers of COVID-19.

Fabric Masks/Community Masks (Reusable / Washable)

For people who do not work with patients, for example, in hospitals and clinics, fabric masks are the best option. The multiple layers – ideally three – of fabric used in manufacturing these protective masks create a barrier between the nose and the mouth with the outside, containing the respiratory droplets that are formed during breathing; the thicker the mask, the greater the barrier.

One of the great advantages of this type of mask is the fact that it can be used several times, and must be washed between each use; yet sustain its anti-bacterial capability. Although they are reusable, the rules of use are the same as those of surgical masks: they must be replaced every 4 hours of continuous use or if they are wet.

Follow the instructions on the packaging about washing, drying, conservation, maintenance, and, most importantly, the number of times the mask can be used effectively.

What Are The Best Materials For Cloth Masks According To WHO?

The first thing to keep in mind is that the masks recommended for general population use are not surgical (disposable) or N95 type masks. The first is indicated for health professionals and people who have symptoms of covid-19, while the N95 are reserved for those who work in environments or in procedures with a very high risk of contamination, such as ICUs.

However, there have been updates on what would be the best type of mask since the pandemic began. For the general population, the most current indication according to World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations is that hygienic masks used for non-medical settings have a minimum of 3 layers:

  • The innermost layer must be made of a material with good water absorption such as cotton or similar fabrics;
  • The middle (intermediate) layer should preferably be composed of a material that has no affinity for water, such as synthetic fabric (TNT) ;
  • The third and last layer must also be made with a low absorption material to prevent the mask from penetrating the virus and contacting it with the user’s nose or mouth.

However, if you do not have one yet, keep using the double fabric ones and arrange for a triple one like the Dony Mask as soon as possible.

Our masks are available to wholesalers and distributors anywhere in the world, especially those based in the US, the Middle East, and the EU market” Henry Pham – CEO Dony Garment (Dony Mask) said. “And with our high-quality low-cost manufacturing process we can offer those masks at a price point that ensures almost any business model can profit from selling them.”