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Best Android Tablet Apps Every Tablet Owner Must Have

Having an Android tablet is a great investment for every tech enthusiast. The popularity of Android tablets has not been as much as iPads, but still, most Android lovers love to carry around.

Carrying a laptop is a struggle, especially if you are on the move all the time. From commuting to carrying around in the workplace, an Android tablet can give you the freedom to manage your tasks on the go. Moreover, if you are commuting to work, you can listen to your favorite podcast, get some morning dose of your favorite band, or schedule meetings on the go.

The use of Android tablets is as much as that of a laptop. The exception is you don’t need to carry extra weight. A portable, lightweight, and cost-effective device can help you carry out your daily work and entertainment tasks.

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Coming back to our main topic, let’s find out some of the best tablet apps every owner must have. So without further delay, let’s begin.

Adobe Apps

For the last couple of years, Adobe has taken over the Android world. The company has developed multiple apps that work best on almost every tablet. For instance, if you are a designer, you can edit photos using Photoshop Express, read important PDF documents on Adobe Reader, and draw stuff on Illustrator Draw.

If you are a video maker, you can easily make and edit clips using Premiere Clip. You can find several apps developed by Adobe that would help you in doing so much stuff you need as a workaholic. No matter, where you go, you can carry your work with you.

Amazon Kindle

Bookworms and bookaholics are always looking for time to read their favorite books. And for this everyone knows how good Amazon Kindle is. The platform allows you to purchase digital books from the store and start reading whether they are in a café, waiting for the bus, or before going to the bed.

The books can be synchronized on almost every device supporting Amazon Kindle. Just make sure to sign in with your account and continue reading books from where you left. If you are tight on budget, don’t worry, you can also spend quality time reading free books.


Remembering passwords is a hell of a task unless you have a super brain. Today almost every website and app requires you to sign up, for which you need to choose a password. The password must be different from the one you created in the past. To make things easier, LastPass is the best android app every tablet owner must install. The app can fill in the credentials automatically so that you don’t have to type or remember the password. Most of the features offered in LastPass are free, but if you want more features, you can pay the premium and save your password like never before.


At times, we all struggle to get things done and relax a bit after a while. After a tiring and exhaustive day, there must be a treat in the form of a movie or TV series. And to offer you full entertainment, Netflix is a must-have app on your Android tablet to kill your boredom.

If you want to kill your boredom on weekends or at the end of the day, just turn to Netflix and relax while having some popcorns, coffee, or freshly baked cookies. Netflix offers pretty decent TV shows, originals, and movies without breaking the bank.

Summing Up

With each passing day, we are seeing more and more devices are being launched in the market. Android Tablets are evolving at a rapid pace and offering value for the money. If you are a remote worker, designer, freelancer, writer, or digital marketer, make sure to invest in a decent Android tablet to get things done on the go.