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Benefits and Uses Of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a by-product of coconuts. It can be substituted for butter during baking or cooking. It is also commonly used as oil for both hair and skin cleansing purposes. About 60% of the oil product is made up of MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides) which are very beneficial to human health. Although the product has a lot of health related benefits, it has not been manufactured with the aim of curing, treating, or preventing any disease.



It helps to moisten the skin whenever it feels dry. You can use the product not only as cooking oil but also to make other food products such as candy treats. The pricing of this product is lesser compared to other related products but this does not necessarily mean it works any lesser. It provides expected results as promised.

Pros and cons

Coconut oil has a medicinal advantage to certain ailments. The product has proved to positively affect people suffering from late stages of Alzheimer’s condition. Cooking benefits linked to this product is unspeakably amazing. The product has also shown to work extraordinarily to people with eczema spots. Vitacost has managed to gain their customer’s trust for their product; the Virgin Certified Organic Coconut Oil, they deliver the product in time and in some few occasions the product can be delivered earlier than the expected shipping time.

One disadvantage of this product is that, the oil is packed in a huge container which is not suitable for travel or storage purposes but has proved to work miracles all the same.


A typical organic coconut oil goes for $39.26 only. You can get it in your cart at the Amazon.com.

Omega-3: Types and Supplement

Mega EFA Omega-3 EPA & DHA is a purified supplement that uses fish oil as the main ingredient and has premium quality and can provide its consumers with superior elemental levels of the most popular omega-3s in the world – DHA and EPA.

Fatty acids such as Omega-3s are important for our bodies. Unfortunately, our bodies cannot produce our own Omega-3s and so you can only obtain it through diet. Examples of fatty fish are salmon, tuna, and cod are they are the best sources of Omega-3s.

The problem is many people are not able to put fatty fish as part of their everyday diet. So the best option is to take food supplements, particularly the Mega EFA Omega-3 EPA & DHA in order to obtain optimal levels of nutrients from Omega-3.

This is not your ordinary low-cost, fish oil supplement, as it has undergone molecular distillation just to guarantee the purest and freshest product that any consumer can take. As Vitaqure editor advises, Other fish-oil supplement brands of the same cost might contain traces of harmful substances such as mercury, dioxin, and other potential environmental contaminants that are obviously not good for your body.


So far consumers have been satisfied with the product. The price alone which is considerably low makes happy consumers worldwide considering that the product contains certain combination that can only be found on other products that are very costly. This product also contains the right ratio for the treatment of depression – the levels of EPA Omega-3 are doubled compared to the DHA. Some psychiatrists even recommend this product for people who have that condition.

Another good thing about this product is that the soft gels have a strawberry flavor which contributes in abiding burps.


The total cost per bottle is only $35 and it already contains 240 gels which can surely last for several months.

To learn more about healthy diet and supplements, visit Spiqy.com.

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